An Afternoon Walking Through Pimlico


The issue with visiting London is never having nothing to do, but rather being spoilt for what to do first. From The Tower of London to the BFI down by the Thames, it can almost feel like paralysis by too much choice!

The Park Grand Kensington, London, a quick 15 minutes from Pimlico, is the perfect base of operations when you have a list a mile long of places to go and attractions to see during your trip. It is the ideal place to take in an energising breakfast and plan your day out in Pimlico. With many of London’s most iconic sights within easy reach, the Park Grand Kensington London is an ideal spot for first time visitors and returning guests alike. So, what exactly should you pack in to an afternoon walking through Pimlico to tick off the most must-sees in just a few hours?

Tate Britain

For the art lovers out there, it doesn’t come much better than the Tate Britain. Sitting right next to the Thames in Millbank, the Tate Britain offers a vast array of art – from paintings and sculpture to regular exhibitions – all just ten minutes away from your Park Grand Kensington accommodation.

If modern art if your thing, then you won’t be disappointed in the Tate Britain’s collection. If traditional art is more your style, then see the world’s largest collection of Turner artwork. If you’re with the kids, the museum has a cloakroom that will take your buggy off your hands, in addition to baby-changing facilities. For all the souvenir hunters in your party, there’s also the well-stocked shop, featuring prints and knick-knacks for family at home.

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral
Whilst Westminster Abbey might get all the attention, its lesser known name-sake is still a treasure to behold. Westminster Cathedral is the only example of neo-Byzantine architecture in all of London. It is also the main Roman Catholic Church in London and, unlike it’s more famous counterpart, is the only church in the country to have been visited by two popes and the Queen.

Happen by at the right time, and you may hear vespers or mass being sung – Westminster Cathedral is the only church in the world where both take place daily. Miss those and you still have a good chance of catching the famous boys’ choir who also sing for visitors every day.

Westminster Cathedral is only a brisk walk from your Park grand Kensington Accommodation so make sure to stop by during your stay with us.

A Simple Walk About Pimlico

As can so often be the case when visiting a major city, we often get  wrapped in what we’re looking forward to doing that we forget to take in where we are. In Pimlico, this would be a crying shame. By taking a simple route, you can take in Vauxhall Bridge – opened in 1816 – then swing by the Pimlico Gardens and maybe end up on one of the famous Duck Tours. These amphibious vehicles take you along a stretch of the river and then make land, treating you to some of the most famous sights London has to offer en-route.