The Art Exhibitions that are a must see this month


If you’re an art enthusiast, or just a fan who wants to see some of the cultural creativity that London has to offer, then you will have plenty to choose from this month. At the Park Grand Kensington London we appreciate art in all its forms, and we know the amazing amount of artistic talent that the city holds. With so many museums and galleries putting on all sorts of events throughout the year it can be hard to organise your schedule. We’ve selected a few of the best up-coming art exhibits so that you don’t miss out on anything this month.

Art Exhibitions

Wolfgang Tillmans

11 June-

The German artist has made a name for himself throughout the artistic community as a kind of anti-artist. His work is renowned for going against traditional and established themes. Primarily a photographer, Tillman has made waves in the art world with his unique take on standard exhibition practices. He is also known for his work as a DJ, musician and social activist, which all influence his artistic creations. His latest instalment is being hosted by the Tate Modern in South Bank, and will give art lovers a whole new perspective on the world of contemporary photography.

Grayson Perry

8 June-

Known as the renaissance transvestite, Grayson Perry is most revered for his classical work with pottery and ceramics. A mixture of traditional pottery with bright and bold colour is the signature style of this inimitable English artist. He has become iconic for his cross-dressing and his social commentary which reflects in his work. The artist has also made a name for himself as a TV presenter and an author. His exhibit this June at the Serpentine Gallery in Knightsbridge is said to be one of his biggest and most lively instalments yet.

Fahrelnissa Zeid

6 June-

This exhibit is part of the Tate Modern’s new move towards creating space for lesser-known artists from around the world. A collection of artistic works by Fahrelnissa Zeid will be displayed from early June through to October. The Turkish artist lived through the majority of the twentieth century before dying at the age of 90. The huge catalogue of works he produced was influenced and inspired by his extensive travels across Europe, America and Asia. For anyone who wants to see some classic alternative masterpieces, this exhibit is sure to impress you.

A History of Fashion in 100 Items


Fashion has constantly changed throughout history, with garments ranging from corsets to track suits. This exhibit is a journey through time, looking at the way British clothing has changed over the years. One hundred items have been carefully selected and displayed to create a timeline of fashion from the 1500s to the present day. Fashion enthusiasts will love this display, and may even pick up some inspiration from the garments on show at the Fashion Museum this June.

London’s artistic community is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the world. If you decide to stay in one of our boutique suites at the Park Grand Kensington London this month, be sure to check out some of these interesting and unique art exhibits.