Traffic in London

The traffic in London is notoriously unpredictable, and the road systems can be tricky for tourists and full-time residents alike to navigate. Thankfully, it can be managed with some clever techniques to minimise delays to your journey and alleviate stress. Here are a few of the very best ways of handling the rush of the hectic city to make your business or leisure stay a logistical success!


Use Traffic Apps

Traffic apps are a godsend for us all, and especially for visitors to London, continually helping to clue you in to the areas where the delays are prevalent. Most modern smartphones can access the latest traffic apps, and plenty of new satellite navigation systems have an up to date traffic-monitoring function installed, so you have the chance to plan ahead to avoid finding yourself in gridlock. The INRIX XD Traffic app is free to install and provides an invaluable tool for helping to manage your London travel for a smoother and more efficient journey.

Check Quieter Routes

Where possible on your journey in and around London, try to use the quieter routes. Even if these might initially seem like they may you take longer, they can help you avoid getting stuck in traffic, ultimately knocking long wait-times off your travel. The Quietways are designed for cyclists seeking routes with fewer motorists, and some routes are cyclist only – but the Quietways can also provide drivers the opportunity to get a real tie, handy indication of areas of London where there is less traffic on the road.

Find Alternative Transport

Alternative Transport

If the thought of London traffic is too much to handle, why not try an alternative means of transport? Pedestrian access in some of the more scenic areas of the capital is exemplary. Go for a pleasant stroll while staying at Kensington Park Hotel London and see how many famous landmarks you can spot. As one of the top Hotels near Earl’s Court London, there’s plenty of sightseeing to enjoy along the way to your destination. Cycling is also an ever-popular option, and with London’s self-hire bicycle scheme for short journeys, you can be sure of getting great value as well as a trip in the great outdoors and burning a few calories.

Recognise Busier Times

Understanding and allowing for the peak times of traffic on London’s roads gives you a chance to avoid travelling when they will be at their busiest. This might not sound like the most convenient option, but by avoiding journeys during peak times of activity, you could even end up reaching your destination much faster!

Plan Ahead

The best way to avoid finding yourself stuck in gridlock is with some careful research and planning. Know your journey inside out before you set off and don’t leave your hotel without taking a map, sat nav or a smartphone app to help you along the way to getting the most out of your time in London.