The Best Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown


London is full of amazing restaurants and eateries, inspired by different cultures and styles. You’ll be excited to know that while you’re staying at the luxurious Park Grand Kensington Hotel, you’re just a short journey away from Chinatown. The vibrant district is rich with culture, from authentic Chinese clothing to traditional oriental food. As one of London’s most visited areas, it is bustling with people from all over the world. If you want to get a real taste of Chinatown then here are some of the best places to treat your taste buds and fill up on some great tasting food.



Despite the enormous number of Chinese restaurants and takeaways scattered throughout the UK, it is surprisingly hard to find authentic oriental food that stays true to its roots. Baiwei is one of those rare places that sticks to tradition with their menu, thanks to renowned chef, Fuchsia Dunlop. The classic Sichuan menu is alive with robust flavours from fresh traditional ingredients. If you want to see what real Chinese food tastes like then stop by this hidden gem.

Café TPT

This modern restaurant combines a diverse menu with great service, to provide a unique and contemporary dining experience. Café TPT is a little pricier than other establishments in Chinatown, but just looking at the menu will immediately take your mind off your wallet and have you struggling to choose from the huge selection. The amount of dishes on offer is enormous, which means that you won’t struggle to find something to devour. Courses include recipes from all areas of China, presented beautifully with a modern twist.

Chinese Restaurants

Jen Café

The bright green interior of this quaint Chinese eatery has drawn many people in again and again. The traditional handmade food is popular amongst visitors looking for a delicious meal in a quiet setting. Customers can watch their food being prepared by some of the best chefs in Chinatown, giving them the chance to appreciate the amazing technique that goes into crafting perfect food. If you’re looking for a drink then you can try the café’s selection of Taiwanese-style bubble teas, which have become a popular delicacy in recent years.

Imperial China

When you set out to eat at a restaurant the first things that come to mind are good food and quality service. But the style and design of the building also plays an important part in the dining experience. Dining at Imperial China transports you out of London and into Mainland China thanks to its elegant use of traditional décor. The beautiful interior isn’t the only thing that the restaurant has going for it. The menu is full of amazing authentic dishes that any food fan will love.

A stroll through Chinatown is a great way to spend an afternoon during your stay at one of our hotels near Hogarth Road. Hopefully these suggestions will give you a better idea of the great food on offer there.