The Best Open-Air Theatre in London and Where to Find Them


Who wants to be stuck inside a room with thousands of other people on the last few warmer evenings of the year? No matter how good the entertainment is, it’s hard to enjoy the show when you’re too busy trying not to melt. This isn’t a problem if you’re heading to London because the city is full of amazing open-air theatres that offer you a chance to watch some brilliant performances outside, rather than in.

Theatre in London

If you’ve never seen a show at an open-air theatre you’re in for a rare treat. It’s an experience like no other and is worth trying if you’re heading to the Kensington Hotel London. Outdoor entertainment creates a unique and intimate atmosphere where you feel closer to the action and more immersed in the performance. This list of top outdoor theatres will help you in your search for alternative entertainment during your time in London.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Regent’s Park, London

This is one of London’s hidden gems and offers visitors a chance to make the most of the weather while watching spectacular shows and fun-filled events. Tucked away in the corner of the famous Regent’s Park, this outdoor venue often stages some of the most exciting performances of the year. If you’re looking for luxury Park Grand Kensington Accommodation, our hotels will put you in easy reach of the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. Be sure to check out the events calendar for this season and check out some of the amazing upcoming shows.

Shakespeare’s Globe

New Globe Walk, London

Enjoy a show at one of London’s oldest and most famous theatres with your friends and family this season. Throughout history this iconic venue has played host to the most renowned plays and shows in the world. Shakespeare changed the way we understand language by penning the greatest theatrical works of all time and now you can experience the history of his legacy by visiting the beautiful Globe Theatre. From lectures and talks to dramatic plays and comedic performances, the Globe always has something going on so be sure to check it out while you’re staying at the Kensington Hotel London.

National Theatre’s River Stage

Southbank, London

Experience the rich, vibrant culture of London’s entertainment scene down by the River Thames, at the National Theatre’s annual River Stage pop up venue. The iconic theatre is known for showcasing London’s raw talent and this season offers one of the best line-ups yet. Dance along to live music and enjoy a day of family-friendly fun in the sun at the River Stage Festival. Along with live music you’ll have the chance to see professional theatrical performances, outdoor cinematics, DJ sets and workshops by some of the leading talents from within the entertainments business. To get a real feel for the vibrancy of London culture, head down to the South Bank during your time in the city and check out this fun-filled event.