The Best Places to Eat Fusion Food in London


Everyone has their favourites when it comes to food, but with so many options to choose from in a place like London it can be hard deciding on the best place to eat. At the Park Grand Kensington Hotel we know what it takes to create a luxury menu with delicious food. We also know that sometimes it can be hard to pick just one thing, so why not try a mixture of your favourite styles? Fusion food has become a popular trend in recent years, and we’ve put together a list of some places where you can get a mix of great food.


Sticky Mango

Just on the edge of South Bank in London you can find a little place called Sticky Mango. The brightly coloured restaurant specialises in Thai food with a Malaysian twist. The vibrant menu is made up of contemporary Asian dishes, which are vegetarian friendly. There is a variety of seafood and meats available, with vegan and gluten free options for those who require them.

Sketch Lecture Room and Library

If you’re wanting to experience the type of high-end dining experience that London is renowned for, and don’t mind spending a little extra, then this restaurant is a good choice. Located in Mayfair, the high-class eatery offers diners a menu of French and British dishes. The thing that makes the Sketch Lecture Room stand out is its historic atmosphere and artwork displays.

Chino Latino

Not many people would think to mix Latin and Asian recipes together, but the results of such a concoction makes for some great food. Chino Latino brings two very different styles together for a menu that offers something for everyone. The infusion of chillies and Latin spices into traditional oriental dishes such as tempura makes for an interesting and unique flavour. Anyone looking for a unique fusion experience will feel at home here.

Brixton Space

Anyone who is a fan of Tapas food will love the Brixton Space Tapas Bar. The traditional Spanish style of eating is great for groups and families that want to enjoy a meal together. This unique restaurant takes the concept of sharing to a new level with their unique take on the Spanish classic. You can find a little bit of everything on the menu, with food from all over the world. Europe, Britain and Asia are just some of the places that inspired the menu at Brixton Space.

Trader Vic’s London

Trader Vic’s has become one of the city’s most well renowned fusion restaurants, after opening its doors over fifty years ago. The blend of American and Asian food results in a selection of dishes that have kept customers coming back again and again. What makes it so unique is the aesthetic style of the restaurant itself, which has a tiki-style design with bamboo and paper lanterns as far as the eye can see.

If you’re looking to try something new, then experimenting with fusion food is a great way to taste the culture of London. But if you struggle finding a style that suites your taste, then you’ll always have the luxury menu at one of our 4 star hotels in Kensington.