Best Places in London to Buy Fabric


For crafty types who love to create, London can be an absolute mecca, with thriving markets and extensive stores packed with fabrics, accessories and more. 


With great stores across London, it’s a good idea to spend a few days in the city in order to look through them all thoroughly. Whether you’re in need of some fresh inspiration or want to replenish your collection with fresh materials, it’s worth checking out special offers on Park Grand Kensington accommodation and planning a stay in the city.


Read on to find out more about some of the best places in London to buy fabric, as well as tips to help you get the most from them.


Goldhawk Road

 Goldhawk Road

When it comes to fabric shopping in London, Goldhawk Road tops the list. Located in West London, this historic fabric haven is worth a long day trip in itself, so it’s worth booking overnight into the Park Grand London Kensington and heading down on the Tube bright and early, to make sure that you have plenty of time to scour the shops here.


Just across the road from Shepherds Bush Market, Goldhawk Road is a small but busy street that is packed with over a dozen different fabric stores, and popular with everyone from designers in search of inspiration to fashion students working on projects, and everyone in between. 


With so many stores offering a huge variety of fabric, it can be a slightly overwhelming experience, so it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to browse and plan, before purchasing anything. Many stores will offer the same, or similar fabrics, so it can be worth your while to check out multiple stores for comparison first. You’ll find everything from rare Liberty prints and other designer fabrics, to great value everyday materials at excellent prices, so you’re unlikely to ever leave empty-handed.


Many of the stores here offer seconds, so it’s important to pay a close eye to anything you may be buying, especially if you are trying to find a match to another fabric. It’s also a good idea to carry cash, as most stores do not accept card payments. And finally, avoid weekends if possible, as they can get extremely busy and crowded.


Berwick Street

Berwick Street 

Another well-known street when it comes to fabric shopping in London, this is particularly popular for the illustrious store, Cloth House. Located in SoHo, shopping on Berwick Street is quite a different experience from the hustle and bustle of Goldhawk Road, with fewer stores around, and a very different mood and feel. You can expect a more organised and formal atmosphere, while still enjoying the chance to shop from a huge array of materials and sewing supplies. 


While you might not see reams and rolls of fabrics of all kinds at every budget imaginable, you will instead be able to find exceptionally high stock from around the world, including denims, cottons, printed fabrics and more. Keep an eye out for the stunning vintage spools and shears used to cut the fabric.


Cloth House also places an emphasis on providing recycled or recyclable fabrics, making it an ideal place to shop for anyone keen to improve on their sustainability.


Check out nearby 4 star hotels in Kensington London to ensure you can spend plenty of time here, and get the most out of the experience.


Macculloch & Wallis

Over 100 years old, this historic fabric shop has long been a supplier of high-quality fabrics for the fashion industry and is worth a pilgrimage when in the city, just to gaze upon the incredible reams of fabric, spread across two immense floors. While it once stood in Mayfair, close to the city’s various tailors and clothing stores, the shop can now be found at a bigger and more spacious space in Soho.


As well a mind-boggling array of fabric, you’ll also find every kind of lining or trimming imaginable, and it’s well worth leaving plenty of time to scour through the stock carefully. Leave yourself plenty of time to explore, and you’re bound to come away with plenty of inspiration, as well as jam-packed bags full of fabric.


Walthamstow Market


Over in East London, this regular street market is packed with fabric gems for an eagle-eyed bargain hunter. Head to the ‘Stow on a Saturday morning to make the most of the plentiful stalls, selling everything from brightly coloured prints to beautiful laces and hardy, everyday cottons. 


As with any market experience, it’s a good idea to take cash, as many sellers will not accept card payments. You might be able to indulge in a spot of haggling to secure a better bargain, especially if you plan on buying a significant amount of fabric. And once you’re done fabric shopping, be sure to check out the other food stalls for a bite of something delicious to eat.


Walthamstow is pleasantly easy to get to, especially f you’re staying in Park Grand Kensington accommodationThe market is located close to the Tube station at Walthamstow Central and conveniently served by the Victoria line, making it an ideal place to spend a morning shopping before enjoying the rest of the day exploring the city.


Simply Fabrics

Simply Fabrics stores 

Down at the other end of the city in Brixton, you’ll find two outposts of the same store, Simply Fabrics. The perfect place for anyone who loves to rummage and find unexpected treasures, you’ll be able to uncover plenty of textiles of all varieties here.


Expect to find anything from good quality plain fabrics, accessories and haberdashery in the first store, while the second has a lot more diversity on offer. For those who are prepared to dive in deep, they may even uncover some great end of the line designer fabrics, as well as beautifully luxurious gems. 


While it’s a bit of a distance from the Park Grand London Kensingtonthe rewards to reap are well worth the travel.