Best Selfie Spots in London

Buckingham Palace selfie

Finding a good view in London isn’t difficult if you know where to look. As one of the most astonishing cities when it comes to views and great monuments, it’s not surprising to see the streets littered with tourists flocking to take photos at some of the most memorable spots in the city. But, with so many people congregating like cattle in the same monuments, it’s often difficult to get a good photo which doesn’t include the backs of a thousand wandering sightseers. This won’t exactly make for national portrait gallery material, not that you’ll be aiming for art, merely a memory. Below you can find a whole range of great places to take a good photo.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is located in the Camden area of London and is famous for its 213 foot hill. A great place for a picnic as well as a spectacular photo opportunity, the North side of Regent Park’s crown jewel attracts locals and tourists all year round. What’s more, once you’ve got that perfect photo you can then go and check out London Zoo which is also located in the park which of course has amny more opportunities for a good animal selfie.

The Millennium Bridge

Whilst walking across the Millennium Bridge footpath you’ll find some stunning views of the River Thames, a great photo opportunity when walking between Bankside and the City of London. The modern design also adds to the photos you can take, having been a competition winner of an award by Southwark council and RIBA Competitions. To one side you’ll get a top view of the Shard and Tower Bridge down the river, some of London’s iconic landmarks whilst the view down the Thames just goes to show how awe inspiring the city can be.

Buckingham Palace

Get a snap fit for a king at the gates of the monumental Buckingham Palace. From outside the gates you’ll see the Queens guards in their iconic red suits and tall hats whilst the historic building itself is a piece of art in itself. If you’re staying in Park Grand Kensington Accommodation you’ll be in close proximity as well.

The Shard

Take a trip up the shard to one of the top notch restaurants. When you’re not busy snapping photos of your amazing meals at restaurants such as Shangri-La or Oblix, which is located on the 32nd floor, you’ll be hypnotised by the London skylines, especially at night when the lights are truly dazzling.

London Eye

Not only is a trip up the London Eye a great way to get your bearings over the city, but it’ll give you some stunning photos over the expansive vista itself. From atop the 135 metre high Ferris wheel you’ll be able to see the Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf as well as the meandering river Thames.

Leicester Square

Take to Leicester Square at night to get that glamorous shot of all the West End glitz. What’s more, if you’re lucky you’ll cross paths with an Empire Cinema red carpet event and get a shot of one of the many celebrities who frequent the area.