Couple’s Guide to Kensington for the Weekend

If you’re in the mood for a little romantic getaway soon, a weekend together in Kensington is one of the best ways to enjoy some loved-up time together. As one of the most charming and scenic spots in the city, it’s the ideal place to experience the best of what London has to offer, while still enjoying plenty of peace and quiet together. 


With some fantastic offers on at the Park Grand Kensington London, it’s the perfect time to pencil in your romantic weekend into your calendar. Read on for some great ideas on what to do once you get there, to help you get in the mood.


Start the day with a trip to the museums


Kensington is home to some of the biggest and best museums in the city, including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re a keen fan of history and science and love to discover insightful facts about the world we live in, or if you’re more into arts and culture, you’re unlikely to walk away without learning something new.


The museums are also worth heading to, just to appreciate their splendid buildings and design. With magnificent Victorian architecture, you’ll often find tiny details tucked away in hidden corners, making them a perfect place for a laid back stroll while you take it all in.


It’s worth heading there earlier in the day, however, as these popular destinations will often get busy later on after midday. The extra effort to get out in the morning, soon after they’ve opened, is well worth it when you can enjoy a leisurely walk around the gallery spaces, without the crowds.


Head out for some window-shopping


Kensington is home to some of the most impressive boutiques and stores in London, including the iconic luxury department store, Harrods. It’s a great place to visit, even if you’re not currently in the market for a piece of ultra-luxurious fine jewellery or designer wear. 


With seven floors and over 300 departments, the glittering maze inside is pretty fun to wander around, and you can also find some sweet romantic treats inside the food hall, with an enormous area dedicated to all kinds of decadent goodies.


If you need a little pick-me-up that feels a bit more substantial, treat yourselves to a spicy Indian high teaAs a revamp on the classic afternoon tea tradition, you’ll enjoy fragrant, freshly brewed teas made from the finest blends, as well as an array of sweet and savoury dishes inspired by Indian cuisine. 


Spend some time outdoors


If you’re looking for some romantic spots in Kensington, you’ll find the perfect place just a stone’s throw from the Park Grand Kensington London. The capital is full of beautiful green spaces that are ideal for a romantic afternoon, and the nearby Kensington Gardens is one of the best green spaces in the city. Overlooked by the majestic Kensington Palace, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a walk.


Filled with open green lawns, walkways lined with tall, majestic trees, beautiful flower beds and historic landmarks and monuments, it’s easy to while away a few pleasant hours here. The quiet space of the park feels like a world away from the noise and chaos of the city, and you can find some wonderful, secluded spots to enjoy together. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the tiny, magical works of art hidden around the park, with dainty sculptures often tucked away in discreet spots.


While you’re in Kensington Gardens, be sure to check out the scenic routes that take you through the many fascinating monuments, fountains and landmarks around the park. And for an extra dose of romance, spend some time in the Italian Gardens – a lovely ornamental garden, created as a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, featuring stunning fountains and urns.


Discover the street markets


Around the corner from Kensington, you’ll find the picture-perfect neighbourhood of Notting Hill, which is home to the long-standing Portobello Road Market through the week. At the weekend, it truly comes alive, and it’s worth heading down on a Saturday, where the long length of the street is filled with hundreds of market stalls, selling all kinds of treasures. You’ll find everything from vintage clothing, to collectable art and antiques, and quirky knick-knacks to take home. Even if you decide not to pick up anything at all, it’s worth the journey, just to experience the buzzing atmosphere around it.


After your trip to the market, stick around to wander around the pretty streets of Notting Hill a little longer. With quaint, pastel-coloured houses and whimsical flower displays, it can feel a little like walking straight onto the set of a charming rom-com and is the perfect place to take a few romantic photos.


Be sure to check out the lovely cafés and bars in the neighbourhood too. You’ll find everything from the perfect place for a relaxing cup of coffee, to stylish brunch spots to enjoy a relaxed afternoon together.


Enjoy a performance at the Royal Albert Hall


There are plenty of incredible things to enjoy around Kensington after dark, but to make your romantic weekend extra memorable, book in a show at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall. This Victorian building is worth the visit for the awe-inspiring design alone, as well as being the venue for some of the best performances in the city.


You’ll find everyone from stunning classical orchestras and opera singers, to leading contemporary stars performing on stage here. As it’s such a highly regarded venue, tickets often sell out, so if you’re thinking of booking a romantic evening away, be sure to check out what’s on ahead of time.


After the show, treat yourself and your significant other to a delicious meal in an elegant restaurant in Kensington Londonwhere you can dine in style and enjoy some of the city’s best food and drink.