Explore The Green Spaces in Kensington


With such beautiful weather coming to our doorstep it’s difficult to find an excuse not to go outside. And when staying at accommodation such as The Park Grand Kensington London Hotel you’ve got the whole of London on your doorstep. Many people think of London and think of stunning skyscrapers, bustling high streets and historic monuments. What they don’t think of is one of London’s very draws over the summer months; the vast amount of green spaces. Kensington in particular plays host to many of them, the affluent neighbourhood harbouring many parks and squares where you can sit back, relax and soak up the summery city.

Holland Park

Holland Park

Holland Park was voted as one of the greenest spaces in London and is made up of over 50 acres of woodland. One of the best things about the area is that it incorporates both sports facilities and wild woodland, as well as cafes and playgrounds for children. It is also home to the now dilapidated Holland House, which was destroyed by incendiary bombing in the Second World War. Before that however, it was owned by the 6th Earl of Ilchester. Nowadays however, people can find the Holland Park Open Air Theatre of which the remains of the house form an atmospheric background.

Kyoto Gardens

The Kyoto Garden based in Holland Park is a prime example of the diverse inspirations which make up London’s green spaces. Here you can find magnificent Koi Carp fish swimming in a beautiful backdrop of water features, traditional Japanese shrubbery and stone bridges which lead you through the rocky garden terrain. This little hideaway in the middle of Holland Park is a perfect place to relax and find your inner harmony with the soothing sounds of waterfalls.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is not far from the Park Grand London Kensington Hotel and is one of the most iconic parks in London. Paired up with the beautiful Kensington Gardens, this area is all you’ll need for a great day out. With a dash of the Serpentine Lake, the Serpentine gallery giving some artistic respite from the natural surroundings as well as public natural swimming areas and pedalos, you can be sure to find something to keep all the family entertained. One of the features of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park is the amazing monuments dotted around. The Princes Diana Memorial playground for starters is a design passionately created in memory of the tragic princess, whilst many others have been erected in memory of other events from the countries past.

Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery is well known as one of the magnificent seven cemeteries of London and was consecrated in June 1840. As one of England’s most well-known Garden cemeteries, this is definitely worth a visit. With over 35,000 monuments as well as a mausoleum and garden of remembrance, the cemetery holds many notable memorials. These include the graves of actor Sir Squire Bancroft, Joseph Thomas Clover, the pioneer of modern anaesthesia medicine and the artist Henry Farrer.