Get the Park Grand guide to the top 4 sushi bars in London


Sushi is a traditional Japanese delicacy that has been gaining significant popularity over the past few years. There are now so many places you can go to enjoy sushi all over London that selecting a place can often be near impossible.

Hopefully our list of some of the best sushi restaurants in London will make it a little bit easier though, leaving you free to sit back and tuck into some California rolls and the other traditional delicacies that are on offer.

All of our selections are ideally located near to the Park Grand Kensington, so if raw fish and sticky rice doesn’t really float your boat why not head here instead and take advantage of our delicious fusion menu? It’s a great way to fuel up before you head back out to discover more of what London has to offer.

Japanese Delicacy

Sticks n Sushi :-

This chain has restaurants all over the city including Covent Garden and Canary Wharf. They have cleverly fused two cuisines together to create a unique dining experience – Danish and Japanese food. Having been operating for 22 years, this impressive restaurant serves up some of the best sushi and yakitori sticks in the city. The concept has proved to be so popular it has now opened up in Berlin.

London Party

Sushi Tetsu :-

Small and unpretentious, this is the place to go if you want to experience a really authentic Japanese dining experience that shies away from some of the gimmicks that other restaurants will often rely on to gain traction. They specialise in both sushi and sashimi, which is another Japanese delicacy that consists of thinly cut slices of raw fish and meat.

Filled up on too much sushi and need somewhere to lay down while your food digests? Head back to your room at one of our Lancaster hotels to relax in luxury.

Nice Food

Dinings :-

Another type of dining that has been gaining more and more popularity recently is tapas. Consisting of small plates of different dishes, usually you’ll be tucking into tapas if you visit a Spanish or Greek restaurant, but this place is offering up Japanese tapas in a simple setting. Perfect for those who can’t decide on just one dish off the menu and like to try a little bit of everything.

Located just a few miles from the Park Grand Kensington, why not make a night of your new dining ventures before heading back for a nightcap?

Sake no hana :-

This is the place to be if you are looking for more of a fine-dining experience when you are eating out. Located on St Jame’s Street, this modern and sophisticated space is part of the Hakkasan group and also has restaurants in Bali and Jakarta. If you really feel like going all out, head here on a Saturday and take advantage of their seven course lunch menu to fill up for the weekend.