Making friends on a holiday can seem time-consuming, complicated and daunting, but there’s no need to panic if you find yourself visiting solo and simply want to meet some new people while staying in London! There are lots of other people in the same situation, and despite their perceived frosty veneer, Londoners are often a friendly, culturally diverse and interesting bunch. Here are a few top tips on how to successfully break the ice when visiting the UK capital:


Get Active

Indulging in some activities – particularly those which have a communal element while also welcoming solo guests – is a great way to get to know new people in the capital. London is a city where there’s always something new happening around every corner, so you have lots of options for activities to try from your base at one of the top Kensington London Hotels. You could consider joining a quirky fitness class like Flying Fantastic’s Aerial Trapeze or taking a sociable group cookery class at the Underground Cookery School. Both of these activities provide an instant talking point, and lots of chances to bond over a few shared laughs over culinary success or disaster!

Spend Time in London’s Communal Spaces

Striking up conversations with random strangers is made much simpler when you’re in an area which welcomes shared experience and dialogue, such as one of London’s beautiful historic Royal Parks.  Some of the parks even organise structured communal activities like art classes or a chance to learn a new skill – this is perfect for getting to know fellow attendees better through shared experience. Park running groups are also a popular way of meeting like minded companions if you want to keep up with a regular training programme while away from home. Equally, spending some time relaxing in local bars or eateries can also be a great way of striking up a conversation whilst staying at Park Grand Hotel Kensington.

Work On Your Body Language

Much of our communication is non-verbal, meaning we often make a first impression before we’ve even opened our mouths to speak a single word. This is great news for the naturally effervescent and self-assured among us, but the rest of humanity sometimes needs a little help and encouragement! Working on your body language can be a great way to ‘fake it until you make it’ – you can find guides on how to adapt your body language to create a more confident silhouette at Changing Minds – ideal for winning over new friends and expanding your social circle while on holiday. Of course, this will also be a skill that you can take home with you!

Get Confident

The city of London is a hugely diverse, action-packed city with plenty to offer in the way of entertainment for both business and leisure guests from anywhere in the world – find activities which suit you and you feel comfortable with, and you’ll be sure to find friends to make your visit even better!