How many of these great London’s charities do you know?


It’s important to give back and often we don’t even realise the incredible work that charities are doing right on our doorstep.

There are a number of great causes operating in London, so why not head down to the city and see if there is something that you could be a part of?

Here are just a few of the charities doing great work in London, as chosen by the team at the Park Grand Hotel Kensington.



Gingerbread is a national charity supporting an extremely prevalent issue; single-parent families. Although they are common, there is a still a degree of stigma attached to single parent families and those who are a part of them often experience high levels of deprivation and poverty, something that Gingerbread attempts to tackle. Established in 1918, the charity continues to support people by offering advice and workshops on how to overcome some of the hardships that go along with being part of a single-parent family.


Greater London fund for the blind

This amazing charity was founded in 1921 and since then has been aiding blind and partially sighted people. The charity offers a wide range of services from a helpline for parents of blind children to hot meals and home visits for older and isolated individuals. They work alongside a whole host of other leading organisations that assist blind people such as CLARITY, a charity that helps the blind to find employment.

The Not Forgotten Association

This unique tri-service charity works to serve the wounded, injured or sick and veterans who suffer from a disability or illness. The charity does so by providing these individuals with entertainment and recreation. These events are open to men and women of all ages and reaches out to those that work or have worked in the Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy or Merchant Navy. They hold concerts, lunches and other outings. The Summer Garden Party that they throw annually at Buckingham Palace is a spectacular event for war pensioners. Individuals are invited to mix with each other as well as with celebrity guests whilst enjoying the surroundings, the music of a military band and a delectable Palace tea.


The Henry Smith Charity

This is a large grant-making charity that makes grants of around £25 million every year to thousands of different organisations and charities that support those suffering from both social inequality and economic disadvantage. Henry Smith, a businessman working in London, founded the charity in 1628. He acquired a lot of land around the country during his lifetime and started a number of trusts to support the poor.

This charity is based near the Park Grand Hotel Kensington, so why not make enquiries about how you could support this fantastic cause after spending a night with us?

The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

The charity describes Kensington and Chelsea as a ‘place of contrasts’ due to the fact that there is both high levels of privilege and prosperity as well as areas that suffer from great deprivation. Since being established in 2009, the charity has supported small local charities and work within the community to bridge the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate.