Morning itinerary – a few hours in Notting Hill

notting hill

With so much to see and do in London, it’s important to know which areas offer the most exciting choice of activities if you have a morning to spare.

Those staying at the Park Grand Kensington London are within easy reach of the affluent district of Notting Hill with its buzzing atmosphere and pastel coloured houses, so here are some of our top picks for things to see and do when you head over to this cosmopolitan area for a morning of sightseeing.

Notting Hill

Portobello Market

Located in the heart of Notting Hill, Portobello Market is one of the most beloved and well-known markets in all of London.

Just a short Tube ride away from the Park Grand Kensington London, join the throngs of locals and tourists browsing the stalls looking for a bargain antique, collectable or piece of vintage clothing that are the hallmarks of this popular space.

portobello market

As the market is incredibly busy, it’s a good idea to get here as early as you can to try and beat the crowds and get first dibs on anything that takes your fancy.

If after a few hours you want to escape the crowds for some more genteel refreshments, head back to the Park Grand Kensington London to enjoy an Indian afternoon tea before setting off to our next must-see Notting Hill attraction.

The Electric Cinema

If the weather isn’t looking too promising during your morning in Notting Hill, then a visit to the Electric Cinema is a must!

A real movie-going experience, the cinema has been beautifully restored to offer surrounds that you’d expect to see back in the 1930s with plush leather armchairs and ornate table lamps for an authentic touch of movie luxury.

The cinema also features both modern blockbuster movies and classic films from the golden age of cinema, so there’s always something for all tastes and ages to enjoy.

Before you leave the Park Grand Kensington London, check out what’s screening that day as you might also have time to join us for an Indian afternoon tea when you arrive back at the hotel.

Kyoto Gardens London

kyoto gardens

London isn’t just all about bustling markets and modern day attractions; the city is also home to a number of spectacular green spaces which make for a perfect morning activity in the warmer months.

The Kyoto Gardens London provide an oasis of peace and serenity nestled within Holland Park and is just as easy to reach from the Park Grand Kensington London.

Situated between Kensington and Notting Hill, guests can take a five-minute stroll to reach Holland Park’s southern entrance and enjoy the lush, well-maintained greenery, flowers and trees as you walk towards the much-loved Kyoto gardens London.

Once you reach your destination, pay a visit to the golden Koi Carp that call this area of Holland Park home. You’ll also want to take in the stunning landscaping and wonderful waterfalls that were installed to mark the 1992 Japan Festival and were gifted to the city of London by officials in Kyoto.


Where can I go in Notting Hill?

  • You can enjoy visiting the colourful houses in Notting Hill.
  • Take a tour to the busy Portobello Market
  • The mews
  • The restaurants, pubs and bars are the good places to hangout
  • Or you can sip in a cup of afternoon tea at the Notting Hill