Notting Hill: What to See, What to Do and Where To Go


For anyone not wholly acquainted with one of London’s most famous and widely celebrated areas, Notting Hill probably brings to mind one thing. The 1999 film starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts may be one of the most enjoyable British rom-coms of all time, but the fabulous film only touched on a few of Notting Hill’s most interesting features.

Notting Hill is a beautiful place to visit all year round for those staying at the Park Grand Kensington Hotel in London, as it’s only a 30 minute walk away. The summer is when the area truly comes to life. Here’s what to see and do in Notting Hill this year.

The Carnival

We simply have to start with Notting Hill Carnival. This usually takes place during the last weekend in August, on the last bank holiday of the summer. Visitors to and residents of Notting Hill and beyond universally enjoy the Notting Hill carnival, and the community spirit it brings sweeps all participants along with it. An estimated two million people attended the Carnival in 2017, and that number is set to increase this year.

Perfect for families, there’s a lot to see and do at the Notting Hill Carnival. It’s a real celebration of the people and cultures that make London the vibrant and diverse city it is. There’s plenty of art, music and dancing to take part in and enjoy. There’s also the opportunity to stave off your hunger until your evening meal at the Park Grand Restaurant by finding some street food to sample a few new cuisine and dishes.

The Market

Easily accessible from any of our luxurious hotels near Gloucester Road Tube station, the Notting Hill and Portobello Road markets have been established for years and are known throughout the world.

Portobello Road is the world’s largest antiques market, and has been running in one form or another since the early 20th century. It’s certainly a must visit location for anyone looking to find some rare treasures for bargain prices.

The Mews

If you love colourful, picturesque places to make the most of your photography skills, Notting Hill is one of the best areas in London to visit. Tucked away down alleyways throughout the area are little mews, which contain colourful boutiques, quaint little eateries and pastel-painted houses. Those exploring the area on foot from the Park Grand Kensington Hotel London should look for St Luke’s Mews or Colville Mews, for streets bursting with colour.

This vibrancy isn’t just reserved for the hideaways of the Mews. Pilgrims of colour will also enjoy the sumptuous rainbow shades of Lancaster Street or Chepstow Villas.

The Food

Like any market area worth its salt, Notting Hill boasts a multicultural smorgasbord of street foods, but if you’re feeling a little fancier, there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants in which to indulge.