Oasis in the city: Your Guide to Chelsea Physic Garden


Residents and visitors alike will know that one of the most beautiful places to visit in London is the Chelsea Physic Garden. No matter what has brought you to this timeless area of the UK’s capital, if you’re looking for relaxation and peacefulness, you’re sure to find it at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Whether you’re staying at the Park Grand Hotel Kensington on a London sightseeing tour, looking for ways to amuse the family, or visiting the city on business, Chelsea is the perfect place to visit, not least because you’ll be able to experience the tranquil delights of one of London’s most exquisite beauty spots.

A brief history of the Chelsea Physic Garden

The Chelsea Physic Garden was created in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries as their personal garden. They intended it to be a place they’d use to grow plants which would be turned into medicines to treat the ailments of surrounding residents.

It is the oldest botanic garden in London and the third oldest in all of Britain. By the 1770s the garden was the most richly stocked in the world, thanks to much investment into its medicinal plant life by Sir Hans Sloane. Sloane is one of London’s most famous sons and is the founder of the British Museum. Many places in London are named after the renowned physician including Sloane Square and Sloane Gardens, just ten minutes away from our Park Grand Kensington accommodation.

What’s on at the Chelsea Physic Garden?

The Chelsea Physic Garden offers visitors the chance to attend a wide range of courses and events. Those staying in one of our hotels near Gloucester Road Tube station with an interest in learning more about the art of gardening will love the selection of courses on offer. You can learn about anything from identifying certain trees from their physical characteristics to propagation for beginners, which explores how to make the most of the autumn growing season.

Canada goose in flight

For families planning their next stay at the Park Grand Hotel Kensington, the Chelsea Physic Garden offers a wealth of activities for visitors of all ages. For the crafty among us, there are lots of hands-on activities for making things with the little ones. ‘Living Colour-a Natural Dyes Workshop’ and ‘Botanical Soaps and Candles’ are both fantastic courses to help occupy the kids in creative yet educational ways.

Wild London: the Chelsea Physic Garden’s wildlife guide

The Chelsea Physic Garden is home to thousands of varieties of plants, including some of the rarest in the country. The architects of the garden cleverly created a warm microclimate, which allows plants which don’t usually thrive in this part of the world to flourish.

Due to this microclimate, the garden plays host to some extraordinary plants. Amongst many other edible and medicinal flowers, herbs, trees and bushes you’ll find Britain’s oldest olive tree. Although it’s not proven, the garden is also believed to be the northern-most location of outdoor growing grapefruits.