What to do and see in an afternoon at the Saatchi Gallery


Located in upmarket Chelsea, the Saatchi Gallery has been home to a vast array of contemporary art since it first opened its doors way back in 1985. Charles Saatchi founded the gallery to exhibit his work and since then, many unknown artists have been showcased here, meaning the gallery is now known as a starting point for artists just emerging on the path to stellar careers in the industry.

There is so much to see at the Saatchi Gallery, so read on to find out how to make the most of an afternoon spent at this renowned art institution. It’s easily within reach of your Park Grand Kensington accommodation so it’s simple to check-in to your room in the morning and then head out to Saatchi Gallery, making use of the nearby public transport links to get you there.

It’s a short walk to Earl’s Court Station from the hotel, where you will need to catch the train to Sloane Square Station. Once there, walk south-west on Sloane Square and turn left onto Kings Road, where the gallery is situated.

Now that you have arrived, be sure to explore all the fascinating exhibitions at the gallery.

Salon 003: Calder on Paper: 1960-1976

At the Saatchi Gallery from 27 September – 8 December 2018

This body of work consists of gouaches on paper by the American artist, Alexander Calder. The artist developed his gouache technique in the 30s while he was living in Paris and incorporates oil paint and watercolour, which he preferred to use because it dries quicker. The pieces are a reflection of Calder’s interpretation of things such as the solar system, the animal world, primitive civilisations and basic geometric figures such as spirals, circles and triangles. He makes use of bold, primary colours and graphic shapes.

Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism

16 November- 31 December 2017

This fascinating exhibit is an exploration of Russian protest art over the last 25 years. It explores issues relating to individual freedom which have been hindered due to both political ideology and religion. The exhibit will feature a number of performance artists including Pussy Riot and Blue Noses. Pussy Riot, a feminist Russian protest punk rock group were arrested following their displays of oppositions towards feminism and LGBT rights.

This one’s pretty heavy-duty, so we think that your Park Grand Kensington accommodation will act as the perfect antidote for when you’ve overworked those brain cells!

Iconoclasts: Art out of the mainstream

Dates to be confirmed

This exhibition features work from 13 contemporary artists including Maurizio Anzeri, Matthew Chambers, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Josh Faught and Aaron Fowler. All of the artists are from London and use a combination of daring methods to produce work that is both experimental and transformative. Such methods used in this fascinating exhibition include branding imagery onto human skin and sculpting curving structures out of crow feathers. The practices that these artists use are done in such a way as to break the mould and shy away from the typical artistic processes that are used to produce art. Their artworks portray their very own interpretations of cultural civilisations.

You’re probably exhausted from all that art but feeling a lot more culturally engaged at the same time. Head back to a Kensington Hotel London where you can relax and ponder over all the work you have seen throughout the day.

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