South Kensington : The Shops and the Sights


South Kensington is one of London’s most affluent districts, home to plenty of impressive shops and things to see and do. We’ve compiled this short guide to help make sure you don’t miss out!

A Haven for Luxury Shoppers

Haroods street view of london with famous department stores

Harrods is one of the city’s most famous stores, as well as a noted South Kensington mainstay. There’s a reason why this space regularly tops tourist’s ‘must see’ shopping lists; it’s not only a highly impressive building in and of itself, but it’s packed to the rafters with some of the best luxury goods in London. This means it offers you the chance to pick up some great mementoes of your trip to the Park Grand London Kensington. For designer clothing enthusiasts, South Kensington also hosts outlets such as Emporio Armani.

Best Food and Drink

Best Food and Drink

The busy district of South Kensington also hosts a variety of fantastic places to eat and drink, catering to most culinary tastes and usually veering towards the high-end of the market. There is lots of choice in and around the most popular attractions, with cosy dining experiences and  fun, laid-back bars aplenty. For discerning diners, you’ll find contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of colour and flair as well as options for traditional favourites close to our 4 Star hotel in Kensington, London. For pub grub just a couple of minutes from South Kensington Tube station, you’ll find lots of drinking dens to pop into – a must if you are visiting from overseas and want to enjoy a pint in a traditional British pub.

Museums, Galleries and Music Venues

The Science Museum is amongst the city’s most impressive museums, offering an array of fantastic exhibitions right in the heart of South Kensington. This award-winning venue is open every day, perfect for browsing during your visit to the area around the Park Grand London Kensington. With extraordinary exhibitions, the museum prides itself on offering a completely hands-on experience, filled with collections, gadgets and special events.

science museum
The Science Museum

Not far from here, you can pop along to The Royal Albert Hall, a historic concert hall which is one of London’s most famous buildings. As well as playing many different styles of music, there are regular tours to find out more about the story behind the venue.

Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall

Fans of history and the natural world can also pay a visit to the Natural History Museum, which explores fascinating subjects like outer space, human evolution and dinosaurs – as well as hosting the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Night View of Natural History Museum, include Ice Rink
Night View of Natural History Museum London, include Ice Rink

Art fans will find lots of exploring at the Serpentine Galleries, located within Kensington Gardens – with exhibitions taking place throughout the year in this stunning venue. First built in 1934 in a Classical style, the site of the Serpentine Galleries was once a tea room – but now offers great art from around the world.

The Serpentine Gallery in London
The Serpentine Gallery in London

Kensington Gardens

Summertime in Kensington Gardens

As the surrounding garden of Kensington Palace, it’s no wonder Kensington Gardens is so impressive! There’s plenty happening here all year round, including a number of key monuments such as the Albert Memorial and the stunning Italian Gardens.