Splurge Out on Shopping in London


We all need a bit of retail therapy at some point. It helps us to relax and focus on ourselves for a little it and what else is money for than to make life easier and, when it comes down to it, increase your happiness. Now of course, money isn’t everything and you can find happiness from within, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good and have the best new tech in the process. London is known as one of the shopping hubs of the international world, a diverse range of visitors coming to the city for the sole intention of shopping. You may ask what London has that other countries don’t when it comes to shopping and no one would blame you, isn’t the city just another of many with a large retail empire? With the vast history of art and culture that the city of London brings with it comes a flood of fashion, innovation and taste making that spans centuries. So where can you find the best of the rest when it comes to London shopping.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Based in Central London and only a stone’s throw away from the glitz of Leicester Square, Covent Garden is a large commercial area of London which has its own market area, department stores and boutique independent shores mingling with high street retail chains. Shops in Covent Garden include Marks and Spencer’s, Urban Outfitters, the Moomin shop and even an extensive Apple Store.


Chelsea, the home of the Park Grand Kensington Hotel is an affluent area of the city and therefore draws the attention of many fashion designers and independent stylish boutiques. To find the best in high end fashion, check out the Kensington Park area of Chelsea whilst the nearby Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove area promise many wonders and delights in the mile long Portobello market.

Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus and Oxford Street has been voted the busiest shopping street in Europe, and it’s no surprise with the extensive amount of high street retail shops on offer. Being the home of many flagship department stores, Oxford Circus is a haven for a diverse range of fashions styles and homewares. With such notable department stores such as Selfridges and John Lewis gracing the high street there’s no surprise that come Christmas time, the street is decked out with enough light to draw attention from miles around. Other notable stores include a flagship Topshop store and a huge H&M.


With two stores in London, the Australian Westfield group have created two of the largest department stores in London. The Westfield Stratford rubs shoulders with what is now known as the Olympic Park, the site of the 2012 London Olympics and boasts an impressive 1905542 square feet of retail space. On top of this, Westfield Stratford has its own cinema and even a 24 hour casino, meaning that its modern design, ecologically designed to include PaveGen floor tiles, using customers kinetic energy from their steps to recycle into electrical energy for the shopping centre to reuse.