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Dessert - in london

The Ultimate Up-To-Date Travel Guide for a First Timer to London

Everyone talks about guides to London that avoid the “tourist traps”, that go off the beaten track, that offer seasoned business travellers who have eaten at a Park Grand Restaurant Kensington almost as often...
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5 Books from the 21st Century about London

The beauty of a list about books that are about London, to read whilst in London, is that it is pretty much never ending - writers have been basing their stories on London and...
Kids playing in London

February 2020 – How to entertain kids over half term

Half-term can be a stressful time for parents, and can sometimes make the prospect of a trip to London seem like a bad idea. Well, there is so much going on in London this...
London Coffee Festival

The Best Coffee Shops in London

Britain might be a nation of tea drinkers, but when it comes to the capital, the caffeine fix of choice has to be a good cup of coffee. And London is filled with a...


Simply Fabrics stores

6 British Clothing Brands to Shop in London

Britain has long been a hub for great fashion and timeless style, with fantastic brands making the spotlight over the years. From luxurious classics...
Shopping in London

Where to Buy Bespoke Garments and Accessories in London

There’s nothing quite like having something that’s been specially crafted just for you. Whether it’s a bespoke item of clothing, or a beautifully made...
christmas market

London’s 6 Best Christmas Markets 2019

There’s no better time to visit London than at Christmas, when the city comes alive with beautiful festive light displays, delicious food to try...
Kensington High Street

10 Best Shops on Kensington High Street

As a hub for the latest trends in fashion, technology and design, it’s no surprise that London has some of the best shopping around,...