Things You can See on Your Walk to Westminster


A walk around Westminster is always filled with interesting sights to see. This area is synonymous with much of what people think of when conjuring up ideas about the UK’s capital. In fact, the ‘City of Westminster’ has a variety of impressive elements including everything from Royal Parks to museums, concert halls and much more besides. In this short guide, we’ll look at some of the very best things you’ll see on a walk through Westminster.

Stunning Royal Parks

Westminster includes five of London’s nine Royal Parks, making it an area truly flooded with green spaces amidst the hectic pace of the city. When you stay at Kensington Park Hotel London, you are ideally situated for exploring Green Park, St James’s Park, Regents Park, and of course most prominently, the large and expansive Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which adjoin Kensington Palace.

You can easily spend a day or so just discovering these areas, as some of them are extremely large. In most, you will find there is always something new and exciting going on; whether that’s a live music performance, a speech, or a sports activity. The summer months bring opportunities for boating and other aquatic pursuits, as well as making these parks a great place to stop and watch the world go by during your stay at the Kensington Hotel London.

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

This museum presents an exemplary exploration of the city’s complex and interconnected transport systems. They help London to remain competitive on the world stage by speeding up and simplifying links between the different districts across it’s length and breadth. The museum’s exhibits help to simplify your understanding of how London’s transport developed as it did, and why. It’s a great way of connecting with one of the most prominent aspects of local culture – transportation – yet one of the most unsung; a transport system you will doubtlessly encounter for yourself during your visit to the Kensington Park Hotel London.

Westminster Abbey

This large Gothic abbey in the City of Westminster is situated close to the Houses of Parliament, and represents one of the most prominent buildings in the area. As well as having earned its place as a national landmark, it’s been the site of coronations ever since William the Conqueror took power in 1066. It has hosted over 16 royal weddings in the intervening years.

Palace of Westminster

The site of the Houses of Parliament is rich with over 900 years of British history, where it has undergone transformation from a royal palace to the meeting place of the UK government. Comprised predominantly of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the palace casts a striking figure over the city’s skyline, and can be seen from various vantage points around the capital. As you make your way around the area, you’re sure to catch much more than a glimpse of this impressive building.