Things to do in Inverness Terrace, London


    Where is the best place to stay in London if you want to have it all? That’s actually a trickier question than you might think. While the capital is awash with amazing locations, it’s rare you find one that balances green spaces with a really central location, and virtually everything you need at your fingertips. Inverness Terrace is one of those rarities.

    Located in the Bayswater area, Inverness Terrace offers so much within easy walking distance. As we’re sure you’ve guessed, this includes plenty of hotels; interestingly, Bayswater has one of the highest concentrations of hotels in the capital. So, you should be spoilt for choice.

    Of course, while it’s good news that there are plenty of hotels in Inverness Terrace, we all know that an area needs plenty more than decent places to stay to make it a good bet for an amazing break in London. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of many things this part of the capital has to offer in terms of museums, entertainment, nightlife and shopping. After all, those are the four ingredients of the ultimate holiday in London, are they not?

    Entertainment near Inverness Terrace

    If you stay in a hotel in Inverness Terrace, you’ll be completely spoilt for choice when it comes to things to see and do. Within walking distance of the West End’s amazing shops, a stone’s throw from the stunning Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, and surrounded by great bars and restaurants, it offers everything you could want.

    In terms of entertainment, those gorgeous green spaces are perfect if you fancy entertaining yourself – after all, when visiting London in the summer, is there anything better than a picnic in one of the capital’s Royal Parks? Probably not. Plus, there are plenty of great attractions and monuments within these verdant oases – including fun-filled playgrounds for the kids, if you’re planning a family holiday. If you’re thinking of a break with your partner or friends, why not go boating on the Serpentine Lake – a classic summer activity in London.

    Alternatively, if you fancy an evening out, there are some great local cinemas and theatres to go to, not to mention the wonderful Royal Albert Hall. This Grade I listed building is just a 15-minute walk away, and hosts some of the best concerts, shows and exhibitions to be hosted in the capital.

    If you want to something a little bit different, head to the Gate Theatre on Pembridge Road. This venue is famous for its intimate space, which hosts fabulous fringe theatre. The Print Room at Notting Hill Gate is another winner for theatre lovers, with this venue hosting experimental productions, as well as innovative dance and music.

    Alternatively, if a night at the cinema is all you’re after, you can still do it in style in this part of London. Head to the historic Coronet, which shows a mixture of new releases and classic films.

    Great museums near Inverness Terrace

    There are some fantastic museums around the Inverness area.

    If you’re interested in cricket, definitely check out the MCC Museum, which is actually one of the world’s oldest sporting museums. Opened back in 1953, this museum focuses on the history of cricket, right from its breakthrough as a major sport to the modern day. Both the game itself and famous players are integral parts of the displays, which include artefacts such as the original Ashes urn.

    Alternatively, if you like the sound of learning more about the history of the monarchy, you can head to Kensington Palace, which is just 10 minutes’ walk from Inverness Terrace. Having been home to famous royals such as Queen Victoria (who actually grew up here) and Diana, Princess of Wales, this palace has a wealth of stories within its grand walls.

    A visit here will give you the opportunity to learn all kinds of interesting secrets about former residents, not to mention see some truly stunning pieces of architecture. Stare in awe at the King’s Staircase, which is famous for its beautiful walls painted by William Kent. Follow these to the King’s State Apartments, which include the most beautifully decorated room in the palace – the Cupola Room.

    Half an hour’s walk from Inverness Terrace, or a short trip on the Circle Line from Bayswater to South Kensington, will take you to the incredible selection of museums in South Kensington. It’s here that you’ll find some of the best in the capital, including the Science Museum and Natural History Museum, which are virtually side by side.

    While being firm family favourites, these museums are actually brilliant for all ages, so don’t be put off if you’re not travelling with kids. Plus, with the exception of special exhibitions, they’re free to enter – always a bonus!

    Shops not to miss

    No trip to the capital is complete without hitting the shops. Fortunately, hotels in Inverness Terrace are really close to the amazing stores of the West End, so it’s almost too easy to go on a shopping spree during your stay here. Lock away your credit card if you’re weak-willed!

    The West End is the place to go for the ultimate shopping treat, though, and while you’re there you absolutely must hit Selfridge’s. One of the world’s best department stores, this upmarket shop has pretty much everything you could want – an amazing range of high-end electricals (think incredible stereos and speaker systems, and vast TVs…), a vast food hall selling niche products, a huge range of clothing, and designer handbags at almost every turn. And that’s really just scratching the surface. There are also some lovely spots to eat and drink, including a glitzy champagne bar if you really want to go all out.

    There are plenty of other retail treats in and around the Bayswater Road area. For instance, it’s not far from Knightsbridge and one of the world’s best-loved stores – Harrods. Over the years, this shoppers’ paradise has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Be warned, though – if you want to do some serious shopping here, things are likely to get expensive!

    For somewhat more affordable shopping, head to Portobello Market. This gem sells everything from fruit and veg to antiques and second-hand goods; it’s easy to while away hours browsing the stalls here.

    Plenty of specialist stores are located in the Bayswater area too, which means it’s easy to find some real treats. Chocolate lovers, for instance, should pay a visit to L’Artisan du Chocolat, an incredible chocolate shop on Westbourne Grove. Selling all kinds of weird and wonderful flavoured chocolate, this delightful emporium will have you fighting the temptation to buy everything you see.

    Local pubs and nightlife

    Of course, you can’t go on holiday – especially in London – without having a decent night out. Fortunately, the Bayswater area has a great local nightlife and, thanks to its amazing location, it’s easy to get to pretty much anywhere in central London without too long a journey. So, you can go wherever the night takes you!

    Presuming you want to stay reasonably local, though, you certainly won’t be short of options. Here are a few of the best:

    • Portobello Star: Another good option on Portobello Road, this pub also serves up decent cocktails, while the DJs do a great job of playing an eclectic mix of tunes.
    • Castle: If you’re more in the mood for a gastropub, then hit the Castle. Its sparse interior provides the setting for fantastic food, while three or four nights a week there’s the addition of some music.
    • The Windsor Castle: A 20-minute walk from Inverness Terrace, the Windsor Castle is one of the capital’s oldest pubs. In the evenings, it serves traditional English food, while there’s an interesting mix of old English memorabilia on display too.
    • The Churchill Arms: Located on Kensington High Street, the Churchill Arms is a great pub that serves up delicious Thai food in a really pretty setting.