Three Beautiful Parks near the Park Grand Kensington for a Summer Picnic

Early morning in Holland Park, London

London might be referred to as The Big Smoke, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t boast areas of lush greenery and incredible beauty. London has some of the most beautiful parks to visit; perfect if you’re looking to enjoy this glorious weather we’ve been having, while not breaking the bank.

The Park Grand Kensington in London is lucky enough to be located near some of the city’s most stunning beauty spots, so whether you’re looking for a family day out or a peaceful retreat, you can be sure to find it within walking distance of our rooms.

Holland Park

With a rough area of 54 acres and a wealth of foliage, water features and rockeries, Holland Park is a must-visit place if you’re looking for a romantic picnic for two. Perfect for quiet contemplation, reading, sketching or even meditating, nestled within the heart of Holland Park you’ll find two Japanese gardens.

The Kyoto Garden was made in 1991 and was a gift from the city of Kyoto to celebrate the close relationship between Britain and Japan. It’s sister garden, Fukushima Memorial Garden, was created 21 years later to commemorate those lives lost in the nuclear disaster that affected the city in March 2011. Both gardens completely transport visitors to a different time and place and are peaceful places to escape.

Kensington Memorial Park

Kensington Memorial Park is a great place to go for families staying in our Park Grand Kensington accommodation looking for a fun day out. A picnic is just one of the many activities on offer, and the park has been especially popular during 2018’s warm weather thanks to to the refreshing water play area that is open to everyone. The park also features a playground for younger children and even a One O’Clock Club.

Kensington Memorial Park was opened to the public in 1926 and has been pleasing residents of Kensington and, of course, visitors to the Park Grand Kensington, London, ever since. Don’t forget to take a big blanket, a full lunch box and lots of sun cream!

Hyde Park

Of course, no visit to this part of London would be complete without a picnic in Hyde Park. There’s so much to see and do at Hyde Park that often it can’t all be done in one day. This park is especially suitable for picnickers who like to stay active, as you’ll find places to play tennis, cycle, horse ride and even swim, right in the centre of London. In the summer heat, an open water swim in the Serpentine is a great way to stay cool.

Hyde Park is a historical area of greenery that has been enjoyed by London’s residents since the City was first built. Back in the 1500s a young Henry VIII could be found leading large hunting parties through the rolling hills of Hyde Park when it was still a part of Kensington Palace, chasing deer with boisterous packs of dogs. Since the 18th century, the park has been separate from the Kensington Palace grounds, but it certainly hasn’t lost its royal roots.