Top 4 Military Attractions to See While at The Park Grand Kensington

Churchill War Rooms

Britain has a long, rich military history that stretches back hundreds of years. London itself is full of places where you can learn all about the different conflicts that have taken places in the UK and further afield around the world.

Whether you have had experience in the military or you’re interested to find out more, you’ll find plenty of museums and historical institutions close to our hotels near Hogarth Road. To help you plan your city break, we’ve put together a list of our favourite military attractions.

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road, London

If you’re interested in the military and all things relating to the Armed Forces, there’s no better place to visit during your time at our Kensington London Hotels than the Imperial War Museum. This historic institute first opened its doors in the 1930s and has since become one of the city’s most popular attractions. Once inside, you’ll get a chance to explore the beautiful halls and browse one of the most extensive collections of British military memorabilia in the country. From tanks and planes to uniforms and handwritten letters, there is plenty to see.

National Gallery

The National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Road, London

The British Army is one of the most formidable combat forces in the world and has a rich history that spans some of the biggest conflicts ever recorded. The museum is dedicated to showcasing that history with a series of exhibitions and events throughout the year which display the evolution and development of the army. The institute is located in the beautiful area of Chelsea which means it’s within easy reach of our Kensington London Hotels. Be sure to check out the uniform collection and see how they have changed over the years.

Churchill War Rooms

King Charles Street, London

If you find yourself exploring the historic area of Westminster during your time in London, be sure to check out the Churchill War Rooms for a chance to hear about a World War Two story that is often untold. During the Blitz years, London came under heavy fire from German bombs and so Churchill and many of his military leaders sought refuge underground. The Churchill War Rooms were the base of operations during the war and now serve as a museum to showcase the different equipment used and teach visitors about the top-secret operations that helped to win the war.

HMS Belfast

The Queen’s Walk, London

If you’ve ever taken a stroll alongside the beautiful River Thames, you may have noticed the large ship that is docked alongside The Queen’s Walk. The HMS Belfast was once used as an active vessel in the Royal Navy but has since served as a floating museum in which visitors and tourists can learn more about the history of the navy and the intricacies of the ship itself. The ship is part of the Imperial War Museum and is a great place to spend an afternoon if you are travelling with the kids.