Top 5 Things to See at the Design Museum


Artists, designers and creatives from all over the world venture to London’s Design Museum every day to see the huge range of antique and modern design innovations.

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or just a tourist hoping to discover something new during your stay at the Park Grand Hotel Kensington, the Design Museum offers all kinds of creative treasures. Here are some of the wonderful things you can expect to see there.

Ferrari: Under the Skin

Ferrari is one of the most famous motoring brands in the world and has been responsible for manufacturing some of the world’s most beautiful and innovative cars. This unique exhibit aims to showcase the rich history of the brand and the technological advancements it has developed over the years. Follow the story of a hopeful team of engineers and designers from Italy who decided to start a small motoring company and grew to become one of the biggest names in the business. The exhibit also showcases some of the most iconic Ferrari designs.

Designer Maker User

This insightful exhibition is a culmination of everything the Design Museum stands for. Focusing on the creation cycle, it explores all aspects of contemporary design by showcasing a wide selection of items. From vintage Apple computers to modern furniture, the exhibit will take you on a journey through modern history and teach you how the creative process, the user experience and the finished product are all interconnected in the world of design.

Redesigning the Guardian Newspaper

Readers of the Guardian will be aware of the newspaper’s recent decision to change its style and transition to a tabloid format. The change has come about as a result of increased traffic towards the brand’s online and mobile platforms. This exhibit uses the Guardian as a case study to explore the concept of digitisation in the world of design. Learn all about the transition and the ideas behind the design process.

Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier

Fashion lovers will not want to miss out on this incredible exhibit. Azzedine Alaia is one of the most iconic designers in modern history. His bespoke garments have featured on runways all over the world and his designs have inspired a generation of couturiers. The exhibit features a wide range of unique items and innovative designs. You will also get a chance to learn about Alaia’s creative process and his colourful career.

Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics

Get a unique look at the world of modern design and see how the worlds of graphic design and political activism have merged together over the years. The exhibit looks at how the development of iconic graphics and imagery has helped to push forward social and political movements. The collection includes a wide range of placards, posters and internet memes and looks at how they are becoming more important forms of design in the digital age.