Top 8 Not-to-Miss Adventures Outside of Kensington

Not-to-Miss Adventures Outside of Kensington

If you’re planning to head to London on your next romantic break away, you could do a lot worse than a stay in Kensington. There are many romantic hotels in London with romantic packages to suit your ideas, wants and needs. Make sure you take a good look at all your options and pick the right romantic hotel in London for you. If you’re looking for somewhere luxurious, with excellent afternoon tea packages and fantastic transport links, the Park Grand London Kensington is the one for you. The Park Grand Hotel Indian Afternoon Tea is a popular favourite amongst our guests and visitors to the Kensington area. It’s a great twist on a quintessentially British tradition that adds a unique element to your trip.

London is a vibrant city with something for everyone to enjoy, even if you’re not a city person. There are plenty of quirky corners and small pockets where you can truly get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Kensington is, therefore, an ideal place to stay. Not only does it have its own activities and adventures, but it’s also well linked to other neighbourhoods. The excellent transport links make it easy to reach different areas of the city and have experiences outside of the Kensington area.

Here are our top 10 places to visit and have adventures outside of Kensington.

1: Daunt Books, Marylebone

Specialising in travel works, Daunt Books is located in the heart of Marylebone and has been in business for a couple of decades. Situated in an Edwardian building which has been used as a bookstore for over a hundred years, it’s a great place to explore far off places from one quaint corner of London. With its original fittings, oak detailing and skylights, Daunt Books is a beautiful place to sit and fulfil your love of books and adventure.

2: Peggy Porschen Parlour, Belgravia

Pretty in pastel pink, Peggy Porschen is possibly the cutest coffee shop in all of London. This ‘pretty in pink’ cafe looks like Barbie’s dream coffee shop and provides one of the best cake selections in London. It’s a great place to share with your Instagram followers as it looks like you’ve stepped straight into a childhood dream.  The food can be a little pricey, but the unique decor and experience are what you pay for.

3: The Thames Foreshores

Wooden jetty on the foreshore of river Thames at low tide in London

The Thames Foreshore is littered with debris from millennia of London inhabitants. It might not be the first place that you think of when thinking of places to explore outside of Kensington, but it’s steeped in mystery and full of unique treasures. Spanning both banks of the River Thames, the foreshore is a treasure trove of ancient coins and all manner of historical artefacts. Millions of forgotten items and treasures wash up along the edges of the river every day, making scouting the ‘mudlarks’ around the river a great place to go exploring.

4: Leadenhall Market, Gracechurch St

A stroll through Leadenhall Market feels like taking an adventure back in time. The market has a feel of Victorian London about it, making it one of the most unique market experiences in the city.

Dating back to the 14th century, Leadenhall Market is one of the oldest markets in London and retains much of its Victorian charm today (though thankfully, it’s acquired the benefits of modern-day sanitation and hygiene). With its skylight dome which dates back to the 19th century makes Leadenhall Market the ideal spot to snap the perfect photo. It’s also the on-site location used to film Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films, making Leadenhall Market one place you have to explore during your trip to London. And at just 30-minutes away from the Park Grand London Kensington hotel, it’s easy to reach too.

5: Notting Hill & Portobello Road

Notting Hill is famous as the location for the movie of the same name, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. If this isn’t enough to make you want to explore the area, then its vibrant and pretty surroundings, pastel-coloured houses and candy facades certainly should be. Portobello Road is also great for its weekly, outdoor market. The market is well-known as one of the largest antique and vintage markets in the world. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of sporting equipment, vintage cameras and clothing. There are also some fantastic food stalls, and French sweet stands to explore.

6: Outdoor Art Walk at The Line

The Line stretches from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London down to The O2 stadium in Greenwich. It’s the perfect place for art-lovers to go on an adventure and admire the variety of artwork strewn along this incredible hiking trail. The whole walk takes between two and a half hours, and there’s plenty to stop and admire along the way.

7: Roman Temple Dedicated to Mithras

London is an incredibly old city, dating back nearly 2,000 years, but when the Romans came, they were the first civilisation to make it a fortified city. With them, they brought their myths and beliefs, the remnants of which can still be found in the city today. The London Mithraeum is a museum built within the remains of a Roman temple built to honour the Roman God Mithras. Expert historians have renovated the temple so that it looks the same way now as it did when it was first excavated. Its lighting design and audio recordings creating a tremendous historical adventure for all the family.

8: Great Restaurants

One of the best ways to explore new places, traditions and cuisines is to eat the food. There are many great restaurants near the Park Grand London Kensington that give you the chance to take an adventure through different countries without ever leaving the city. From sushi restaurants to French brassieres and Argentinian steakhouses, London has something to suit every taste and dietary requirement. You could even experiment by taking and adventure into one of the city’s Vegan or exclusively vegetarian restaurants. If you want to eat a little closer to home though, the Park Grand London Kensington has a grand restaurant on site that provides a fantastic menu suitable for everyone.