Top autumn sights near Kensington

Kensington London

Crisp, fresh air, woolly hats and a stunning display of colourful leaves make London an amazing destination to spend a few days this autumn.

Gone are the throngs of tourists heading to our capital city during the warmer months, now you can enjoy the natural splendour of our fair city in relative peace.

Here’s just a few of our favourite sights that are well worth a visit if your thinking of heading to London this autumn.

The Hyde park

Hyde Park

Located just a few minutes’ walk from the Kensington Hotel London is the beautifully maintained Hyde Park.

Home to the Princess Diana Memorial and children’s park, visitors flock here to enjoy the peace and tranquillity, and marvel at the stunning array of colourful autumn leaves with their warm reds, burnt copper and rich brown hues.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can also head off in search of the Serpentine Art Gallery located in Hyde Park to enjoy a few hours browsing the exhibitions and sheltering from the rain until the weather improves and you’re free to explore the park again.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

If you want to enjoy the explosion of autumnal colours across London’s vast skyline, then there’s no better place than Kew Gardens.

The treetop walkway allows you to get a birds-eye view of nature’s splendour, but make sure that you wear suitable footwear as you’ll need to tackle the 118 steps to join the beginning of the walk and take in the views.

To get there from our Kensington Hotel, take the district line from Earl’s Court Tube Station. Trains leave every 11 minutes from the station and you can reach the entrance to Kew Gardens in just over twenty minutes.

Richmond park

Richmond Park

If you’re a lover of wildlife, then a morning in Richmond Park should be on your to-do list during your next visit to London.

During the autumnal months, love is in the air for the resident deer population, so you can see the stags battling it out and clashing antlers for the attention of the female deer.

You can also rent a bike for a little autumnal tour around the park to enjoy the spectacle of the stags and beautiful trees as their leaves change colour.

Getting to Richmond Park from our Kensington Hotel London takes just over an hour, but it’s well worth the extra travel time to see the majestic display put on by the stags each autumn.

The best time to see the stags and deer is early in the morning, so leave your Kensington Hotel before 7 am and head to Earl’s Court tube Station to catch the train down to Richmond Park.

The earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to enjoy the wonderful display of wildlife, so it’s well worth setting your alarm and getting out of bed early.

Just don’t forget to bring your gloves and woolly hats along!