Top Tips for Visiting London This Winter

family holiday in London

This winter promises all sorts of exciting experiences for visitors to London, so whether you are booking the whole family into hotels in Kensington London for Christmas or are organising a weekend getaway thanks to a romantic package hotel deal, there will be no shortage of fun to be had. Here are some tips for the season to ensure you really make the most of the city, whilst avoiding what can also be a very manic time of year.

Take Afternoon Tea 

Afternoon Tea in London is not just a Winter thing by any definition. However, it is an excellent Winter activity because it affords you the luxury of staying warm in your hotel. It is no secret that the Park Grand London Kensington serves some of the best Indian Afternoon Tea in London.

So, don your finest floral shirt or blouse and head to the Park Grand restaurant for an afternoon treat. If Indian Afternoon Tea isn’t your preference, then check out the Chocolate Afternoon Tea For Two or the Traditional Afternoon Tea. There really isn’t much room for disappointment with this one provided you like your scones baked to perfection.

Pamper Time! 

The colder months are the best for pampering. With the Park Grand’s Club Rooms Londonyou have the option to either get a double or a twin club room. This means that both a best-friend Winter pamper getaway is just as doable as a romantic one. Once you are settled into your room, it is time for the pampering to begin – this can take the form of champagne in a jacuzzi or a deep tissue massage in the nearest spa depending on your preference. This tip is simple: indulge in whatever helps you relax the best.

Hit the theatre

Needing to stay indoors in Winter can sometimes interfere with your travel plans, but that is never the case when it comes to the theatre. Even if the sun was shining down on Trafalgar Square outside the National Theatre, you would still likely be tempted to be inside than out. So, Winter becomes the perfect time to guiltlessly enjoy all the West End and beyond has to offer.

This winter, the following shows are on and have been reviewed positively countless times by some of London’s most well-respected theatre critics:


  1. Mary Poppins
    Prince Edward Theatre
    Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 4HS
  2. Death of a Salesman
    Piccadilly Theatre
    16 Denman St, Soho, W1D 7DY
  3. Master Harold And The Boys
    National Theatre
    Upper Ground, Lambeth, SE1 9PX



Shopping in London has never been much of a novelty idea. In fact, some people visit London specifically to do their seasonal shopping. During Winter, though, a lot of people have a similar plan and this can mean the shops of Oxford Street or the floors of Harrods can be utterly packed. Our top tip for avoiding the crowds is to either visit early or late – never from around lunchtime until early evening if you can avoid it. You will find it a much more peaceful, enjoyable experience and probably end up buying more lovely items for you and your loved ones because of the less stressful experience. Alternatively, if you can avoid the high streets, you are also likely to have a wholly more relaxed time. Head to the many Christmas markets which have popped up around the city for the Winter season, from Hyde Park and Leicester Square to Brixton and Greenwich.

Book in advance 

No matter where you intend on eating over the Winter season in London, or when, it is essential that you make a booking. Throughout the year, just turning up to a restaurant might be feasible (though never recommended) but, during the winter months when the city is brimful of travellers, it is not worth taking the risk. If you don’t have the phone facilities to make a booking, almost every restaurant has online options. So, connect to the hotel wifi and get clicking – simple as that. If for some reason this isn’t possible either, then ask your concierge for help – most reception desks at hotels in Kensington London (including ours!are more than happy to accommodate you and even make the booking on your behalf. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to make the booking – just make sure you do. It will make the whole eating-out process calmer and eliminates the risk of finding yourself wandering the streets looking for someone who has room in the inn…

Wear layers 

Visiting London in Winter can make deciding what to wear very difficult – you don’t want to be too hot on the tube, or cold on your walk between stations, or find yourself fanning yourself at a restaurant. It is a tricky balance but it can all be solved with layering. Have a few layers on – one base item which, in a heated restaurant or bar, you are happy to strip down to without feeling like you are dining in a vest. Then, an outer layer which you can wear if your restaurant is breezy, for instance, without having to put your whole coat on. On top of that, have your full Winter coat. Every event, restaurant and venue in London will have cloakroom facilities over the Winter so you can tuck it away and forget about it for the most part… but it will make all the difference when you find yourself outside and it feels as if the crisp Wintery breeze is smacking you in the face. If you haven’t brought the right clothes, London is the perfect city to make that mistake. Just head to the nearest shopping district like Soho or Knightsbridge and you will find something lovely.

If you keep these top tips in mind when visiting London this Winter season, you are bound to have a very festive, joyful and loving time with your travel companions. You will see the city in all its glittering wonder without feeling like a sheep being herded around the city alongside all the other visitors. Always book ahead, don’t always head to the obvious places and give yourself time to relax within your own hotel and you will have yourself a merry little Christmas indeed.