Travel tips: Staying stylish while on the road


    Hitting the road and seeing the world doesn’t mean you have to leave your sense of fashion back at home.

    In fact, being in a foreign country for a week or two can be the perfect chance to experiment with your style, and even glam it up a bit. So, if you’re stuck in a routine, and your everyday clothes match this, consider mixing things up and embracing a more exotic look while far away from home.

    The good news is that being stylish on holiday has never been easier, even if you only take carry-on luggage with you. With a little imagination and a bit more planning, you can be the envy of your hotel or resort and turn heads wherever you go, even if you’re taking a city break in Paris or Milan.

    Packing smart

    Looking good abroad starts at home. That is, the key to making an impression while you’re on holiday lies with packing smart. This means, of course, that you can’t simply throw things into your suitcase the hour before you need to head to the airport. Instead, you need to plan properly. Make a list of what you will need for your trip, taking into account the look you want to go for, and then go through your wardrobe looking for pieces that will match this.

    These days, there’s a wealth of online videos and guides showing you how to pack as much as possible into a fixed amount of space. Take note of all the little tricks and so-called ‘life hacks’, such as squeezing clothes into your shoes, and free up as much space as possible for your fabulous clothes and accessories!

    Think versatility

    Even if you’re travelling with an entourage, you still won’t be able to take your whole wardrobe with you. The secret, then, especially if you’re away for more than a weekend, is to pack things that can be used in a variety of ways. Think versatility as well as style.

    For instance, a pair of black skinny jeans can be used for a variety of looks, and undoubtedly offer more versatility than a pair of regular blue jeans. Paired with trainers and a T-shirt and you have the perfect outfit for an afternoon’s sightseeing. Once the sun goes down, however, swap the trainers for some smart ballet shoes and the old T-shirt for a blouse, and you’ll look both smart and effortlessly cool enough to be welcome into any top restaurant or chic nightspot.

    Above all, you should stick with simple, dark colours and steer clear of anything too fancy. Even a plain black short can look good just about anywhere, and a little black dress will look good anywhere and at any time.

    Be sensible about your shoes

    Stilettoes may look amazing, but are they really versatile? Of course, if you have the space, you should pack a pair of killer heels (or, if you’re a gent, a smart pair of shoes) as these can make even a casual outfit look glam.

    Again, try and keep it as plain and minimal as possible. Plain black or brown shoes will offer you the most options, while also helping ensure you look confidently chic at all times.

    Think about your destination

    You should always remember that what looks stylish in one city or country may be very uncool somewhere else in the world. Some countries, for example, like to keep it casual. Walk into a restaurant or bar in Spain in a full suit or designer dress and you may feel distinctly over-dressed.

    Conversely, go to a similar establishment in Paris or St Petersburg and you may feel self-conscious if you’re not decked out in the latest designer gear, complete with smart shoes and glam accessories.

    So, read up on what the locals are wearing and use this information to pack for your trip. Local fashion blogs can be a great way of finding out what a city’s coolest residents are wearing. Better still, just pack a few basics and set aside some of your budget for some holiday shopping. This way you can not only look the part rather than simply looking like a typical tourist, but you also have something a lot more satisfying than a tacky souvenir to bring home from your travels.

    As well as the local styles you also need to think about what the weather will be like when you’re travelling to. After all, there’s nothing less stylish than having to cover up a cute dress with a cheap poncho as you didn’t realise you’d be holidaying in rainy season. Similarly, it’s hard to look chic if you’re sweltering, so be sure to check whether you should pack to rock a summer, spring or winter look.

    Accessorise and slow down!

    In addition to all of the above, you should also pack a few essential accessories. Again, with a little imagination, even the simplest of things can transform an outfit from something practical to something that will really catch the eye.

    Even if you’re not heading to a sun-kissed destination, a pair of fabulous sunglasses are a must, while a good belt will also offer a touch of extra glamour while taking up hardly any room at all in your suitcases.

    One other secret to looking good while on holiday is to slow down! Nobody ever looks their best when they leave just a few minutes between ticking a museum off the must-see list and then heading out for dinner and drinks. Make full use of the facilities you have at your disposal. Top hotels like the park grand kensington Hotel boast luxurious bathrooms in which you can pamper yourself and get yourself looking fabulous before you hit the town, so take advantage of this and make yourself feel like a star for the night!