Unmissable Exhibitions to Enjoy at The Natural History Museum This Month

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of London’s best-known attractions and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors through its doors every year.

With an array of engaging and interactive exhibitions, all updated on a regular basis, there’s plenty to see and do for all ages. Read on to discover which displays are available for you to enjoy right now.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Currently in its fifty-fourth year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is an annual event hosted by the museum that is enjoyed by animal lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Browse through the 100 light panel displays that feature photographs all bidding for the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year and see if you can decide which one of the entrances is your favourite.

This exhibition lasts until June 2019, so those enjoying one of our London hotels romantic packages over the next few months can visit the museum to experience the very best in natural world photography. Don’t forget to check back and see who won the coveted prize to find out if your picked the best in show.

Life in the dark

A great attraction for families, the life in the dark exhibition allows visitors to put their senses to the test with this insightful look into the lives of nocturnal animals. Discover how they find their way around their environment, hunt, mate and evade predators with this interactive exhibition. It features Mexican blind cavefish, the aromas of a bat cave, live footage of the deep sea and a symphony of nocturnal sounds.

Once you’ve finished challenging your hearing and sense of smell, return to the Park Grand Restaurant and treat your taste buds to a delicious Indian afternoon tea to rest your weary legs.

Dinosaur facts and fun

Perhaps one of the most iconic of the permanent exhibitions at the Natural History Museum is the dinosaurs that have been delighting visitors of all ages for decades.

Once you’ve refuelled at the Park Grand Restaurant, head back to the museum to discover some fun facts about these prehistoric creatures that once roamed the planet.

There’s also a ‘which dinosaur are you’ quiz to take part in just for fun, and even those enjoying one of our London hotels romantic packages are sure to be impressed by this imposing exhibition during their stay.

The human evolution exhibition

Discover where the human race started out with this informative and engaging permanent display from the Natural History Museum.

Enjoy a great breakfast at the Park Grand Restaurant before heading off to uncover our origins in this interactive exhibition that has proved incredibly popular with visitors over the years.

From meeting members of our human family tree to finding out more about the first Britons, this is a must-see display that features plenty of bones and artefacts from earlier eras in the history of us, so make sure you save a little time to visit the human evolution hall during your visit to the museum.