What’s on at the Saatchi Gallery this month

    The Saatchi Gallery

    The Saatchi Gallery is one of London’s most illustrious art destinations, offering a wealth of stunning artwork from around the world. The venue was first founded in 1985, with the aim of helping contemporary audiences connect with emerging artists in one place. It is one of the most popular art galleries worldwide, currently situated in Chelsea. Not only has the Saatchi Gallery won acclaim for its art, but for its ability to launch the careers of new artistic figures, as well as a strong ability to court controversy in prior exhibits. There’s lots happening there this November – let’s take a look at the most important events coming up…

    Penumbra: Textured Shadow, Coloured Light

    Until 19th November 2018

    Experimenting with metals and dimensions, this new exhibit is focused on geometrics and mathematical design, drawing the viewer in and asking them to look beyond the top layer to see the world within. This exploration of space is both calming and vibrant, with different angles providing an entirely new experience and evoking a strong sense of movement, which is sure to impress guests at our hotels near Hogarth Road who are seeking a dynamic gallery experience.

    Salon 008: Forests and Spirits

    Until 25th November 2018

    This new exhibition explores the work of three Sudanese artists, Salam Elmur, Kamala Ishaq and Ibrahim El-Salahi, to highlight the role of African art. This is the first time the three artists have exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, making it the ideal space for guests at a hotel in Kensington to discover something new.  The show is particularly focused on the theme of nature and spirituality, including paintings and sculptures which also examine the role of tradition in both art and life. With a growing interest in African artworks, this is also a timely exhibition which will help inspire and open up new worlds of creativity for the viewer.

    Black Mirror – Art as Social Satire

    Until 13th January 2019

    This exhibition examines the role of art in satire, critiquing and exploring key themes and social anxieties over the decades. The work featured spans 26 contemporary artists who work in mixed mediums including caricature, installation, photography and collage – and help explore how great satire can provide humour and a sense of relief as well as giving a darker and more disturbing feeling with regard to some of the troubling elements of the modern-day political climate. During an era of distrust, the Black Mirror exhibit stresses how important art can be in allowing us to communicate and question the status quo, as well as giving a chance to laugh at the situation. The exhibit is ideally situated for guests at Park Grand London Kensington hotel to engage with modern art, and featured work by the likes of Turner Prize nominee Richard Billingham and photographer Jessica Craig-Martin.

    As ever with the Saatchi Gallery, visitors can be sure of a unique and multi-sensory experience which inspires and educates, whilst helping artists from around the globe find new audiences.