Where to find the best handmade beauty products in London


    We are constantly bombarded with new beauty products and trends, many of which are filled with harmful chemicals and damaging artificial ingredients.

    Handmade beauty products can be seen as a breath of fresh air as they are often not mass produced and are made with more care, incorporating ingredients that soothe the skin.

    A city as big of London is of course home to a number of places where you can buy top notch handmade treats, so why not take a step back from the usual department store counters and try something a little bit more natural?

    After a day of exploring handmade beauty products, head back to your Park Grand Kensington London room to try out your new discoveries in total bliss. Read on to discover our handmade recommendations…

    Soothe-me :-

    Located in East London, Soothe-me is an award-winning skincare line with an entire range of handmade products. It has a number of bestselling ‘hero’ products such as the Gorgeous Cream, which uses a special blend of rose and Frankincense oils. The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable and as a brand. Soothe-me is firmly against any form of animal testing.

    Make UP Accessories

    Divine and Handmade  :-

    This company was founded by a couple with a love for natural products and a desire to share this with others. They produce their entire product range in small batches to ensure that quality control is maintained throughout. Purchase gorgeous candles, scrubs and soaps which are infused with natural ingredients like peppermint and orange.

    Lush :-

    Lush is renowned on the high street for its natural beauty line, which includes a broad range of products from skincare to all natural makeup. Be sure to check out the vast range of bath bombs which come in a variety of gorgeous colours and scents.

    You could easily spend all day in here taking in everything that they have to offer, so why not spend all night at the Park Grand Kensington London relaxing in a hot bath with all of your new goodies?

    Content Beauty and Wellbeing :-

    This place launched in 2008 and since then has become home to a range of all natural ingredients from an array of international brands. Connect’s make-up products are clever in the sense that they don’t just act as colour for your face but also double up as a form of skincare due to the natural, soothing ingredients they pack in.

    After a day of shopping, head back to one of our hotels near Gloucester road and indulge in your new purchases.

    Planet Organic :-

    Kill two birds with one stone with a visit here, where you can shop for fresh, organic food produce as well as all-natural beauty and health products. As you might expect from the name, Planet Organic boasts a very extensive raw food section, so is a great choice for anyone looking to adopt a wholly more natural and healthy lifestyle.