Top 5 London’s Must-Visit Alternate Attractions


If you’re looking for some of the most quirky, cool, and offbeat attractions in London, you’ve come to the right place! Read on our list of alternative attractions and venture out to explore a different side of London for the most unexpectedly good experiences!

The London Dungeon

Plan a visit to London’s Southbank as the London Dungeon awaits you! As you get here, take a trip down the shadow-laden, cobbled pathway, and get on a 90-minute immersive tour with 360-degree gripping sets. Recount some of the most legendary tales of London’s gruesome past as 20 talented actors perform for you at the interactive shows here. Hear terrifying stories of tyrant kings and pestilential houses with spectacular art theming presented to you in the most captivating way. The atmospheric lighting, thrilling rides, scenery, smells, and special effects add to the dungeon adventures and make you feel like you’re transported to a different era altogether.

With the opulent Park Grand London Kensington as your base in the heart of the city, you’re never too far from some of the most differentiated experiences in London. Enjoy an impeccable stay with unmatched comfort and have a great time exploring all sides of the city!

Kew Gardens

If the brilliance of botanic beauty captivates you, then a visit to the Kew Gardens, easily accessible from your hotel near Hogarth Road must be on top of your list! With an impressive 250 years of history, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is also paving the way for a bright future for botany with its world-renowned national research bases. Grab the chance to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site with 50,000 living plants and some rare species, opening daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Take a stroll through Victorian Palm House and look out for luscious flora, especially the giant Titan Arum at the conservatory here.

Now, you must know that Kew Gardens is more than just a beautiful botanic garden, it has more to it! It’s a treasure trove of plant-based knowledge with about 750,000 illustrations and volumes in its library which makes it so unique. Plan your trip and make sure to explore this enormous library at your own pace!

Wallace Collection

Plan an artsy family day out as you head north of Oxford Street to Manchester Square, where you’ll find a grand vintage townhouse, only a short commute from exquisite hotels near Earls Court. The extraordinary Wallace Collection features the most gorgeous and luxurious ceramics, artworks, armoury, and furniture including the very special ‘The Laughing Cavalier’. Take a stroll across this spectacular alternative attraction’s 25 immersive galleries to get a sense of the place’s richness and grandeur, for a memorable experience.

P.S. Don’t forget to explore the masterpiece sculptures here that set this museum apart and attend a free talk such as ‘Water Colours from the Wallace Collection’ if you’re visiting in November.

Freud Museum

For all the curious minds out there, the Freud Museum, just minutes away from luxurious hotels near Gloucester Road Tube station, is a must-visit. When the world-renowned neurologist Sigman Freud fled from the Nazis and escaped Austria, he and his family made London’s Hampstead their home. It was here that Freud studied and worked, and the museum narrates the story of his psychoanalysis and its ground-breaking influence on a global level. See the desk where he wrote and the famous couch on which he rested. Attend one of the exhibitions hosted by high-profile contemporaries here for an experience of a lifetime.

What makes the Freud Museum so different is the eclectic environment of the Freud study! Its engaging collections, libraries, and stand-out archives, tell the stories of people who lived in the house. Explore the museum’s recently re-catalogued archives that give context to individual and personal stories and the unfathomed history of psychoanalysis.

Without a doubt, these are some of the perfect off-beat adventures in the ever-exciting city of London, so plan your itinerary well and get exploring!