The many magnificent memorials of Hyde Park


    There’s no finer place to be in London when the sun is out than the luscious lawns of Hyde Park. But while the warm weather will no doubt see thousands flocking to the city’s finest open space drinking, frolicking and merrymaking, there’s much more to the park than this.

    Hyde Park is actually filled with some of the most interesting and historically important monuments and statues in the city of London, and spotting them on a day out here can be a tremendously fun activity. As well as this, there are also many wonderful fountains to see – are you excited yet?

    Here is a handful of some of the best memorials, fountains and statues that Hyde Park has to offer within its vast grounds.

    Diana Memorial Fountain

    This ticks two boxes, being both an amazing fountain and an everlasting tribute to the Princess that was loved so much around the world.

    Diana Memorial Fountain

    Built with 545 pieces of Cornish stone, the fountain represents the life of Diana and was opened in 2004 by the Queen.

    7th July Memorial

    One of the most sombre icons in the park, this memorial stands as tribute to those who lost their lives during the London Bombings in 2005. There are 52 steel rods set in place to commemorate each of the victims.

    Statue of Achilles

    Erected in 1822, this 18ft statue of the hero Achilles stands as a dedication to Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), for his service to the UK during the wars against France.

    Statue Of Achilles

    Joy of Life Fountain

    Two figures appear to dance in glee in this fountain which was designed by T.B Huxley-Jones. While the central characters frolic, four children can be seen emerging from the pool.

    Boy and Dolphin Fountain

    Located in the magnificent Rose Garden, this 1862 structure features a gorgeous arrangement of a cherub and a dolphin. No one really knows why, but it is rather splendid to gaze at on a warm summer’s morning.

    Boy And Dolphin Fountain

    To get to Hyde Park from the Park Grand Kensington hotel, simply walk to Earl’s Court Underground Station and then take the magnificent Piccadilly line to Knightsbridge. You can walk to Hyde Park from here.