Tube Stations near The Natural History Museum – London

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one of London’s premier visitor attractions. Every year, fascinated families flock to the capital to wonder at the museum’s collection of dinosaur bones, intriguing exhibitions and, of course, the giant blue whale that is suspended from the ceiling.

Natural History Museum

On a day in the museum, you and the kids (although it’s still a very entertaining place to visit without children) can marvel at all things Mother Nature as you stroll through the 36 free galleries on offer here.

But before you can enjoy the Natural History Museum in its full glory, you will first have to get there. Navigating London’s transport system is as easy as it has ever been, but you may still need help getting from the Tube station to the museum.

To make your day trip run as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the Underground stations in the vicinity, their facilities and guidance on how to get to the museum from each one.

For more information about this incredible museum and what you can find here, check out our Natural History Museum tourist guide.

South Kensington Tube Station

The most direct route you can take to the museum will mean getting the Tube to South Kensington Station and walking from here. You can take any of the Circle, District and Piccadilly lines (depending on where you are travelling from), and the museum is around a five minute walk away. You can either follow the signs at the station for the museum or exit and make your way there on your own.

South Kensington station

This could not be easier. All you have to do is turn left on Cromwell Place and walk up the street until you see the marvellous exterior of the Natural History Museum.

The station itself contains a number of helpful facilities including WiFi, escalators, payphones, ATMs that dispense euros as well as pounds, help points and a ticket hall.

Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road Underground Station

Close to South Kensington Station, you will find Gloucester Road station. This is a little bit further out, but still well within walking distance from to the museum. This station is also on the Circle, District and Piccadilly lines, and so would be a good place to get off the Tube if you are travelling from west to east. You could also combine the walk with a lovely jaunt through Queen’s Gate Garden or Stanhope Gardens.

To get directly to the Natural History Museum, turn left out of the station onto Gloucester Road and continue straight on until you reach Cromwell Road. Turn right here and walk until you reach the museum. You can’t miss it!

There is a ticket office in the station as well as a number of help points should you need assistance.

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Remember, if you are travelling on the Tube you can use a contactless debit card for the duration of your time in London.



Knightsbridge is the probably the furthest Tube station away from the museum that is still within comfortable walking distance. It is served only by the Piccadilly Line. Although it would be quite unusual to get off here just for the walk (South Kensington Station is the next stop), there are two reasons, albeit potentially expensive ones, that you might want to get off at this stop.

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Popular London stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols are both very close to the station. While the latter is right next door, the former is a short walk away and is also en route to the museum.

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Simply turn left out of the station and continue down Brompton Road until you reach Harrods. To continue on to the museum, keep walking but be sure to follow Thurloe Place on to Cromwell Road. The museum will be on your right.

Other Attractions Close to the Natural History Museum

There are many wonderful things close to the National History Museum, making the area a great place to spend the day. If you haven’t had your fill of educational content yet, then you can head to either the Science Museum or the V&A which are next to the Natural History Museum.

Further away, but still well within walking distance, you will find the Royal Albert Hall; one of London’s finest theatre venues. Even if you are not planning on catching a performance, it’s well worth a walk around the building to see its wonderful exterior.

If you fancy a little fresh air, keep walking north from the museum along Exhibition Road until you come to Hyde Park. By walking along this road, you will come to the Serpentine, or you can explore the green space at your leisure.

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Park Grand London Kensington Hotel is located on walking distance from Natural History Museum. It is 14 min (0.7 mi) via Cromwell Rd/A4.


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