Visit the London Brass Rubbing Centre


    You’re in London. You’ve seen Big Ben, witnessed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and learned about the black history of the Tower of London – so what next?

    Well, in a city as big and busy as this, there is certainly plenty to do, but sometimes it’s nice to do something relaxing, out of the ordinary and great fun: that’s right, we’re talking about brass rubbing.

    It just so happens that the capital of England is home to the London Brass Rubbing Centre, a place where you can rub until your heart’s content.

    If you’re not familiar with the fun of brass rubbing, it consists of securing a piece of card or paper over a brass fixture and then rubbing charcoal or a crayon over the paper to reproduce the design of the brass. It’s ideal for young children, but creative adults will also want to have a go at this fun tradition.

    The best part about the London Brass Rubbing Centre is that there is so much brass to choose from, whether medieval knights or a famous British figure take your fancy.

    When  is it open?

    From Monday to Wednesday the centre is open from 10am to 6pm. This changes to 10am to 8pm from Thursday to Saturday and then 11.30am to 5pm on Sundays.

    Getting there

    It is remarkably easy to get to  the London Brass Rubbing Centre from our Park Grand Kensington hotel. Simply walk down to Earl’s Court Underground Station and hop onto the ever popular District Line heading east. Get off at Embankment and walk straight up Villiers Street, away from the River Thames,  until you arrive at the centre.

    Once you have finished rubbing brass, you’ll notice you’re actually right in the heart of London which means you can explore some of the other big attractions you may have missed.

    Trafalgar Square is a stone’s throw away while the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery are also within walking distance.