7 Reasons to Choose a City Break Over a Beach Holiday

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People often shy away from city breaks in favour of beach holidays, because a holiday in the city seems like a less obvious escape from reality. However, a city break can be just as relaxing with the right itinerary and attitude. Here are some of the prime reasons why you should choose London hotel deals over a trip to the coast.


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A beach holiday, in several cases, means a trip to somewhere less built-up than the city. This has its benefits of course, like the absence of traffic noises and the freedom to stroll around in a bathing suit. However, this usually means a limited number of restaurants. This may not be an issue for some, but it can be disastrous for foodies – especially foodies who use mealtime as a means of structuring their holiday timetable.

When visiting a city over a beach, you are spoilt for choice with dining. Whether it is one of the numerous restaurants in New York City, the bustling street markets of Bangkok, or just a special hotel meal at the likes of our own Park Grand Restaurant. If you want a holiday that pivots around food, drink and the joys of eating out, then a city break is a no-brainer.


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Beach holidays are great for relaxing but are often devoid of an opportunity to learn new things and embrace local culture in the same way you can in the city. If you are the information sponge, cities provide an ever-flowing waterfall of information for you to absorb. Between the historical landmarks, museums, and tours within a city, you can expand your mind and learn loads about the bustling place you have chosen to visit. Even just staying in corporate hotels in London can be a culturally enriching experience if it is in the centre because you find yourself walking distance from the likes of The British Museum, The Tate Modern, The National Gallery and The Museum of Natural History.

Stay active 

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Though beach holidays aren’t entirely limiting when it comes to staying active, as you have the opportunity to run and swim, they are incomparable to the number of active events that happen in a city. If you are particularly passionate about being active when on holiday, then a city break is the obvious choice for you. Between yoga sessions in parks, city runs spanning from 5km to full marathons taking place regularly, cycle routes and bike hire shops and hotel gyms, you are entirely covered for whatever exercise you prefer.

Public transport 

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If you are the sort of person that wants to explore the area they are visiting and doesn’t like staying still for too long, then a city break suits you best due to the public transport that is at your fingertips. If you wanted to explore a nearby village or area at a beach resort, you might struggle to get around without paying marked-up prices for a taxi or hiring a car. In the city, there is always a way to get around and the best part about regular, reliable public transport is that the prices don’t change based on how many holiday-makers are around. Instead, you become a local for the period you are visiting and have the luxury of travelling on your own schedule to most places, depending on the city.

New every time 

When going to a beach resort, you are likely to have a similar experience to the last beach holiday you had. This isn’t an inherently bad thing – some people like the routine and the opportunity to lay back and relax. However, for those of you who want something new and exciting every time, a city is more up your alley.

No matter how many times you’ve stayed at The Park Grand Kensington London, there is always something new to enjoy – even if purely based on the fact that restaurants, bars and exhibitions open and close every month. No matter which city you visit, there will always be a corner of it you haven’t seen or explored yet. In London, for instance, you could probably spend a whole trip just exploring the area around Park Grand Kensington London – it is massive and teeming with arts, culture, food and history – while many other neighbourhoods are left untouched.

Weather freedom

When on a beach holiday, your activities, mood, and experience are dependent heavily on the weather. If this seems too taxing a clause for you, then a city break is what you need as there are activities and things to do for every weather. Don’t let the weather rain on your expeditionary parade. Take London for example. Raining? Hit the museums. Sunny? Hit the park. Windy? Cuddle up by a fireplace in a local pub. While you might always be the turn of a tide away from different weather, you are also always a short walk/tube ride away from a suitable activity alternative.



If you like to incorporate a little retail therapy into your holidays, then cities are the way to go. On a beach holiday, you are likely to fall into tourist traps and only be able to shop in shops designed for holiday-makers. Contrary to that, the fantastic thing about shopping in a city is that you can do it whatever way suits you – if you are a charity shop discount diver or a high street splurger, the options are all available. Whether it is Fifth Avenue in New York or Oxford Street in London, cities will never let you down if it is a shop you are after.

To summarise, if you are the kind of traveller with a passion for food, a hunger for knowledge, an interest in keeping active and a desire to enjoy as many new things as possible no matter the weather, then you should be picking a city break over a beach holiday. Whether it is London, Paris or Tokyo, there will always be a treasure trove of experience for you to discover.