Where to Buy Bespoke Garments and Accessories in London

Shopping in London

There’s nothing quite like having something that’s been specially crafted just for you. Whether it’s a bespoke item of clothing, or a beautifully made accessory or piece of jewellery, it’ll always feel special and unique. As a centre of great style and artisanal craftsmanship, London is the perfect place to find a bespoke piece, so if you’re looking for a stunning outfit for a special occasion, or want to find a gift for someone that will truly stand out, you’ll find it in this city.


Read on for some recommendations on where you can find a bespoke item in London, and how to get there.


Savile Row 


Savile Row might just be the world’s most well-known place when it comes to finding bespoke clothing. The famous street is located in Mayfair, a short Tube ride away from the Park Grand Kensingtonand one of the best places in London to head to, if you are after a luxurious bespoke garment, that is made to last a lifetime.


As one of the most celebrated streets dedicated to tailors, Savile Row has been home to a small number of men’s tailors, who specialised in creating made to measure formal military wear and sporting attire since the eighteenth century. In the early part of the twentieth century, men’s fashions began to change, and one of the most well-known tailors on the Row, Henry Poole, is credited with the invention of the dinner jacket.


Nowadays, you’ll find a variety of tailors on Savile Row and in the nearby area, all specialising in creating bespoke pieces made to suit and fit your body precisely, but with their own distinctive sense of style. And Savile Row isn’t just for men either – women in search of a beautifully crafted suit can also find great options here.


Choosing to have a bespoke garment made from scratch isn’t a quick process – expect to go through a lengthy measuring and fitting process, before your final piece is ready. If you’re planning to have a custom made piece of clothing, it’s worth checking out Kensington Rooms London and spending a little time in the city, before choosing your final style.


Beulah London


For women in search of a beautifully crafted bespoke dress for a special occasion, Beulah in Belgravia provides the ideal service. Offering a made to measure option, alongside their standard ready to wear pieces, this London designer boutique is a great place to head to if you’re in search of something that feels elegant, timeless and will fit you like a glove.


Beulah’s bespoke process begins with an initial consultation, where you can choose a style and colour from their archive collection. After your measurements are taken, you’ll then have a number of different fittings to make sure the piece fits you perfectly. Starting with a toile fitting, where the outfit is mocked up in plain calico fabric, to the final fitting, the whole process can take up to ten weeks, so leave plenty of time if you’re planning to have something for an important celebration.


Having a bespoke piece made for you can always feel like a lovely luxury, so celebrate the special moment with a delicious treat. Look out for an Indian Afternoon Tea Near Me for a delicious blend of tasty snacks and refined drinks, for a sumptuous meal after your fitting.




If you’re on the hunt for an essential gift that will feel truly special and memorable, look no further than the historic brand, Smythson. An iconic leather goods maker, Smythson was first established in 1887 and holds a coveted royal warrant for their beautiful leather accessories and stationery. 


While their stores offer a great selection of leather bags, stationery and other accessories, look out for their personalised and bespoke services when you want something that will really stand out. From personalised letter sets to a gold-stamped purse or wallet, it’s a wonderful way of adding a unique feel to a gift for a birthday, anniversary or another important moment.


Of course, no birthday or anniversary is complete without a toast, so check out the stylish Park Grand Restaurant London for a wonderful meal, where you can dine in comfort and luxury on every special occasion.




If you’re staying at the Park Grand Kensington and want to pick up a bespoke gift for someone without having to weeks for a tailor-made item to be specially made, check out Selfridges on Oxford Street instead.


The world-famous department store is already renowned for its great selection of items, from stylish designer clothing and accessories to great technological picks, food, beauty and more. But look a little closer, and you’ll be able to find some lovely bespoke options too.


In-store, you’ll be able to choose a number of items to be finished off with a custom touch, from personalised gift wrap and stationery to a bespoke fragrance. 


Luxury stationery maker, Abigail Warner has an exclusive range of personalised items available in Selfridges this winter, including notebooks, tote bags and pencil cases, which can be made unique with a personalised message or name. Or for a more grown-up gift, head to the Maison Margiela fragrance counter, where you can choose custom made label to complete their unique Replica fragrance collection. Designed to capture a variety of scents unique to particular locations, such as besides the fireplace or a lazy Sunday outing, it’s a beautiful way to share a treasured memory.


If you have a truly special celebration to commemorate, only champagne will do. With their exclusive customisable service with luxury winery Veuve Cliquot, you’ll be able to share a special message with every bottle. The iconic champagne bottle comes in a charming gift set which features a road sign-shaped tin, which can be printed with a location of your choice. A wonderful way to commemorate a special holiday, home town or other important location, it’s a stylish and unique gesture.