Best Places to Get Sweets for Halloween in London


It is that time of year again where you have got to get your ghost masks ready and the sweets bought to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve in spooky style. Even though you will not be getting many trick or treaters in your room at the Park Grand Kensington Hotel, you still need to hit these sweet spots to make sure you get your sugar-fix this October.


Here are the best places in the city to go:


Harry Potter Shop


It really adds up, doesn’t it?


Witches and wizards, chocolate frogs, vomit-flavoured jelly beans… plus Halloween? Well, luckily for visitors to London, the sweet-based world of Harry Potter is not limited to the Great Hall of Hogwarts or the Hogwarts Express trolly.


They can be found in King’s Cross’ Harry Potter Shop, along with potential costumes for your Halloween parties. The sweet variety is endless and will ensure your Halloween is really on-brand this year. Choose from Harry, Ron and Hermione’s favourites: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Gringotts Chocolate Coins or even a confectionary gift trunk with a whole selection.


Charbonnel et Walker


Charbonnel et Walker have been around in this quaint Victorian shopping arcade on Old Bond Street since 1875 and take “sweets” to a whole new level of luxury with their delicate and delicious selection. Who said sweets are just for kids? They specialise in distinctly adult sweets, meaning embracing your inner child with a Rhubarb Vodka or Champagne Truffle. Between the truffle selection, the chocolate thins and the sweet droplets, the scariest part about this Halloween will be how much you eat!


The Turkish Deli 


Think all things wicked, think sugar-powdered sweets, and you find yourself thinking fondly of Narnia’s wicked White Witch, proffering delectable Turkish delights, right?


If not, you should add Narnia to your list of must-watch British films.


Either way, Turkish delights are a treat over trick every time. The Turkish Deli at London Bridge’s Borough Market is run with traditional Turkish produce and home to speciality Turkish delights. It is just a short tube ride away from your hotel. Their variety is mind-blowing, with gluten and gelatine-free options available as well as traditional flavours such as rose-water or pistachio.


Park Grand Kensington Hotel


That’s right, you read right – you don’t even need to venture out of your hotel to experience some of the most delicious sweet treats in London. After all, getting sweets on Halloween doesn’t need to be limited to the kind in wrappers – it can be classy, too!


The Park Grand Kensington Hotel afternoon teas are well-loved throughout London, with people clamouring to get a taste at the different themed events, like the chocolate afternoon tea and traditional afternoon tea. One themed version that is unique to the Park Grand Kensington Hotel is their Indian afternoon tea in London. Little bite-sized delicate desserts are on offer, perfect for if you are craving sweets this Halloween but only plan on dressing up in your finery!


Hardy’s Sweet Shop


If you are less bothered about the brand and more interested in getting that old-school British sweety shop vibe, then head to Hardy’s Sweet Shop. It is like stepping back in time when you head through the bright walls into the retro-candied paradise within. Inside, it is very similar to the picturesque scenes from the movies – big jars of colourful boiled sweets and candy canes galore! If you are afraid you might miss it – the giant candy canes usually propped up in the window ought to help lead the way.


There are a few dotted around London, so no matter where you go exploring during the day, most roads lead back to sweets! Celebrate Halloween right.


Kingdom of Sweets


Perhaps it is Hollywood promotion, or maybe it is something in the water, but there is something about Halloween that makes us think of retro American candy (you just can’t call them sweets!)


Think Hershey’s, jawbreakers, Reese’s Pieces, Toxic Waste and Nerds that have appeared throughout your cartoon-watching history – well, all of it is available, along with some new ones, at Kingdom of Sweets. No matter your age, standing in the archway of this sweet emporium is enough to give anyone an adrenaline rush. There are stores dotted around London, with a particularly large two on Oxford Street.


Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe


If there is one thing Britain knows back-to-front, it is how to set up a good pick-n-mix. Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe gets the retro feel while still proffering all the favourite mix and match sweets like cola bottles and fizzy cherries. All your Halloween favourites, plus some new ones you probably haven’t tried yet, line the shelves like a sugared paradise. You will want to ditch your clothes in your Park Grand hotel room and fill your suitcase with sweets to take home after spending some time in there!


So, with Halloween on its way, head to any of these sweet spots (easily reached from Park Grand Kensington Hotel!) to cure your sweet tooth and prepare for the spooky season. There is something for every preference, whether it is British sweets or American candy you are after, or some boutique treats like Turkish Delight and chocolate truffles. Incorporating little bits of London’s tourism into your sweet-shopping makes all the difference, so heading to the Harry Potter Shop or the shopping capital, Oxford Street: you get to have your cake and eat it.


Best yet, you can get a taste for the sweet spot right from your hotel with our afternoon tea selection – yet another British institution!