6 Spots Movie Buffs Need to Visit in London

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London has always enjoyed a starring role on the silver screen, and there are plenty of famous landmarks around the city that are instantly recognisable from the world of movies. But if you’re a serious film buff, countless film locations around the capital are worth a visit, and for guests staying in the Park Grand London Kensingtonit’s easy to check out some of the many memorable spots around central London.


Read on to find out more about the best movie spots around the city, and how to see them.


Notting Hill


Fans of rom-coms will love to visit one of the city’s most iconic neighbourhoods – the beautiful streets of Notting Hill, famously brought to life in the eponymously named movie. Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, the late 90’s film evoked a charming, romantic version of the area, which has since rocketed in popularity, attracting a huge number of visitors all year round.


Movie buffs can wander around well-known streets, including Portobello Road, the location for the historic street market and an important site in the movie. Serious fans of the film will also be able to spot an actual store at the location of the lead character’s bookshop in the film, as well as the site of the famous blue door, a few yards down, at 280 Westbourne Park Road. 


Notting Hill still has plenty of the whimsical charm shown off in the film and is a wonderful area for a stroll or brunch. If you’re planning a special weekend away, check out romantic Hotel Packages in Londonand head up to the pretty, flower-filled streets of Notting Hill, to feel like you’ve stepped into your very own romantic movie.


Kings Cross Station


A short Rube ride away from the Park Grand London Kensingtonyou’ll find one of the city’s busiest stations on the London Underground. King’s Cross St. Pancras is one of the city’s most important travel hubs, serving the Tube, as well as national and international rail links, and it has often featured in many films and TV shows set in the city.


As an important travel landmark, the station has featured in several feature films over the years, including the 50’s comedy, The Ladykillers. However, the station’s most well-known film role is as a location for a hidden magical train platform in the Harry Potter series of books and films. While you might not be able to make your way onto a genuine magical secret, visitors can spot a commemorative entrance to the famous Platform 9 ¾, complete with a disappearing trolley and luggage.


Trafalgar Square


Possibly one of the most famous destinations in London and popular with tourists from all over the world, the important city landmark has played a huge role in countless films over the years. Movie fans will have spotted the area’s pigeons or lions in films including Captain America and countless other action blockbusters. But one of the most captivating scenes set in Trafalgar Square on film might just be the captivating scenes at the end of V for Vendetta,  where masked crowds marched through the square.


A visit to Trafalgar Square can often be a hectic one, as it is such a busy attraction. If the crowds get a little tiresome, recuperate in style with a relaxing Indian High Teawhere you can enjoy some delicious treats amongst a calm and stylish backdrop.


The Tube


While not necessarily fixed to any single location, the London Underground is often a prominent city feature, when you see the capital on film. As such an important characteristic of the city, you’ll see the iconic Tube carriages featuring in virtually any movie set in London, from the superhero blockbuster Thor, to the class romantic movie, Sliding Doors


If you’re keen to see a Tube station that played a major role in a movie, head down to the slick and stylish Canary Wharf Underground station. With its futuristic design, it’s no surprise that it was used as a filming location in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The city’s most well known secret agent, James Bond, has also enjoyed several notorious chase scenes featuring the London Underground, including through Charing Cross station, and the fictional abandoned station, Vauxhall Cross.


Borough Market


The bustling area of Borough Market is always worth a visit when you’re in London, with plenty of delicious food and drink to choose from during the weekdays. For film fans, the market holds special prominence as the home of Bridget Jones. In the film series, her flat was located above the Globe Tavern on nearby Bedale Street, with many pivotal scenes filmed in the area.


Borough Market also played a smaller role, in combination with other major locations in the city, in some of the Harry Potter films, and sharp-eyed fans of the movies might recognise the market and its surrounding pathways, from some of the street scenes in the film. 


Westminster Bridge


The picturesque neighbourhood around the South Bank has often featured heavily in films, as it’s possible to see many of the capital’s most famous landmarks nearby, including the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as the captivating city skyline.


But out of all the areas around South Bank, Westminster Bridge might be one of the most recognisable in London. It’s enjoyed silver screen time in major films including the Bond movie, Spectre, as well as the thriller, 28 Days Later. With a glimpse of Big Ben in the backdrop, as well as the inspiring view overlooking the River Thames, it’s not hard to see why the bridge is such a prominent film location and a great place to visit when you’re exploring the city.


Perfect for a leisurely stroll during the daytime or evening, pair a visit to Westminster Bridge and the South Bank’s iconic sights with a delicious meal at the Park Grand Restaurantfor a memorable day out in London.