Explore London’s Rich Culture with Its World Heritage Sights


London is a city with rich history and its World Heritage Sites are a testament to that. From the Tower of London, a medieval fortress, to the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the British government, these sites offer a glimpse into the city’s glorious past that you must explore on your trip to London for an unforgettable experience. So, without further ado, let’s get a sneak peek into London’s rich heritage!

Tower of London

Step back in time to a place of power and intrigue, where kings and queens lived, prisoners were held, and the Crown Jewels were kept safe. The Tower of London is one of London’s most popular landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tower is located on the north bank of the river Thames, right next to Tower Bridge. It’s been standing for over 900 years and has been witness to the most significant historical events from royal weddings to executions. Today, you can explore the White Tower and the Jewel House too! You can also learn about the Tower’s history through interactive exhibits and guided tours which are sure to engage the whole family, even kids.

How to get here?

The Tower of London is only five minutes from your hotel near Hogarth Road so, feel free to take a scenic walk to this heritage landmark.

Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace, and St. Margaret’s Church

Make sure to include the Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church which are collectively a World Heritage Site to your itinerary. Westminster Abbey is the coronation and burial site of British monarchs. It’s also home to the tombs of many famous figures, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and David Bowie. The abbey’s Gothic architecture will leave you in awe.

The Westminster Palace, also known as the Houses of Parliament, is home to the UK Parliament. Right next to the palace, St. Margaret’s Church, with its beautiful architecture, provides a peaceful oasis in the heart of the busy city. Immerse yourself in royal legacy and experience the rich and fascinating tapestry that British history is for yourself.

How to get here?

Westminster is in the heart of London, near river Thames, only a few minutes away from your exquisite stay at your hotel near Gloucester Road tube station. You can take the underground (tube) to get here or else given the central location, walking from nearby attractions or landmarks is always a convenient option.

Kew Gardens

The next and final World Heritage Site on our list is the spellbinding Royal Botanic Gardens, the Kew Gardens. This living museum of plants from around the world is located just moments away from your hotel near Earls Court. You can take a pleasant walk through Kew to get here or take the London Tube (District line). It is home to over 30,000 different plant species from towering palm trees to delicate orchids.

Feel free to wander through the gardens, admiring the stunning flowers and foliage, or take a guided tour to learn more about the rare plant types. There are also several glasshouses at Kew Gardens, each with its own unique climate. The Palm House is home to towering palms and ferns, while the Princess of Wales Conservatory is home to tropical plants from rainforests, deserts, and mountains. From being a perfect spot for aesthetic photos to a spot for spending a day amongst serene natural beauty, this heritage site in London offers it all.

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