Where to find the hidden gems of Kensington London

Where to find the hidden gems of Kensington London

In a city celebrated for being one of the most-visited globally, expect a fascination by first-timers looking to explore what the hype is all about. Of course, London tourism’s cores are its many attractions and culinary culture. However, for repeat visitors looking to see a different side of London, the secret corners known to locals are a perfect way to escape the touristy rush. As a guest at Park Grand Kensington Hotel London, you get to enjoy the benefits of being close to some of the best-hidden gems of Kensington London.

Freddie Mercury’s House

Kensington is well-known for its opulent real estate with large mansions with everything from tennis courts to swimming pools. Many celebrities from across the globe choose to call this place home, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who reside at Kensington Palace. Located at 28 Logan Place, Kensington is the 28-room property once owned by Freddie Mercury and is currently occupied by his love interest Mary Austin. While you may not be able to go inside, you can, however, use it as an opportunity to capture some bragging rights imagery.

Kyoto Gardens

London is one of few major metropolia that proudly consist predominantly of green space in the heart of the City. There are over 3000 parks and gardens in London, with eight of them forming part of the Royal Parks of London. Often visitors staying at  Hotels Near Earls Court London opt for Hyde Park; however, there is so much more to explore in this part of town. For example, Kyoto Gardens, located in Holland Park, is a Japanese-inspired space featuring a curated zen garden with a colourful display of flora and a koi pond. 

Elfin Oak

There is so much more to London than erected monuments and impressive architecture. However, one thing that remains about this place is the rich history. So as you make your way through the streets of London from your  Hotel In Kensington, keep a lookout for the 900-year-old tree located in Kensington Gardens. Here you will find some of your favourite childhood storybook characters like Huckleberry the gnome, Wookey the witch, Grumples and Groodles the Elves. 

Leighton House Museum

London is home to several museums, with three of the most famous museums located in one street. The great thing is places like the Natural History Museum are all free to enter, making them a popular hotspot with locals and tourists alike. So while digging deep into London’s history, head over to Leighton House Museum near the stunning Park Grand Kensington Accommodation for a breather. 

This Victorian attraction houses a private collection of art that once belonged to Lord Frederic Leighton. Visitors can combine this attraction with the earlier mentioned Kyoto Garden as both places are free to enter. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm, and the entrance will set you back £9.

Other nearby attractions worth considering include Golborne Road Market and Melbury Road.