Going solo: fantastic things to do on your own in London


You might say that, in a way, there are two types of traveller – those who love to travel with others and especially with family and friend groups and those who have no problem with and, in fact, really rather enjoy travelling alone.

Some people are unquestionably extrovert, while others are more introverted and tend to enjoy their own company and so don’t mind even taking a vacation on their own. The latter kind of traveller certainly exists and has no problem with the type of traveller they are – and if you’re one of them, you should definitely consider visiting London (if you’ve not done so before now or even if you have) – because the UK capital’s the perfect place for solo visitors.

Now, a good number of lone travellers do, indeed, travel alone because they travelling on business – making use of corporate stay accommodation – but whether they’re coming to London for work or pleasure, here are some great activities for them to enjoy… 

Indulge in an afternoon tea

Indulge in an afternoon tea

Truly, nobody should be afraid to dine alone at a restaurant’s table. Who’d want to miss out on a delicious meal in a gorgeous environment just because they’re on their own? Indeed, who’d want to miss out on an absolutely awesomely tasting afternoon tea in a Park Grand restaurant just because they’re on their own?

After all, how many things could possibly be more pleasant than indulging in several dainty cups of tea, slices of crumbly cake and glasses of wonderful white (or even Champagne) in the most salubrious of surroundings? And that’s to mention nothing of that three-tiered tray that’ll soon be on the way with freshly-baked scones and fabulous finger sandwiches.

Naturally, there are a good number of very few grand, chic venues – restaurants and hotels, especially; not least restaurants in hotels – where you can enjoy this most British of delectable traditions. Elegant decadence without a shadow of a doubt – and it tastes so good at that! 

Ride the London Eye

London Eye

To be fair, if you’re studying and contemplating a gorgeous, fascinating city’s skyline, it’s not a bad idea to do so on your own; that way, you can really focus and get the absolute most possible out of the experience. And London’s skyline is one that really deserves that experience when you take the opportunity to properly check it out – and maybe capture it for posterity or, indeed, your Instagram account.

If this sounds just the solo-in-London activity for you, then taking a spin on the world-famous London Eye is, frankly, a perfect way to capture that pristine panoramic view of the capital’s skyline. Taking between a half-hour and a full hour, one revolution of this giant Ferris wheel affords you plenty of time to bask in the sights and snap away with your phone’s camera – whether it’s a daytime or night-time view you choose to experience. Be sure you leave your Park Grand Kensington accommodation so you’ve enough time to arrive at the attraction at least 45 minutes before boarding one of its pods, if you’re looking to do so around sunset. 

Catch the Changing of the Guard

No question, there’s something in the British character that ensures that, deeply rooted in the country’s character, is embedded a centuries-old respect for and reliance to decorum and protocols. This ranges from everything, let’s face it, from queuing to the pristine pageantry of Royalty-associated militarism. The latter is, also, it’s only fair to point out, much liked and appreciated by visitors to the UK capital, too, especially in the guise of the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which is to be enjoyed every day around 11am outside the glorious Buckingham Palace.

Amply described by its name, the ceremony basically involves a squad of the (now) King’s Guard replacing the old squad outside Buckingham Palace; the former marching from St. James’s Palace (where they’re based) to Buckingham Palace (where The King is, of course, often in residence). Nowadays, in reality, the squad is little more than a marching regimental band – sometimes with pipers – who play a selection of music as they replacing the previous squad. Best of all, though, is the fact that witnessing the ceremony from outside the gates of the Palace is entirely free of charge; so be sure to arrive early for a good viewing spot. 

Escape into a marvellous movie at the cinema

Escape into a marvellous movie at the cinema

Are you a deeply passionate cinephile or a fair-weather film fan? Either way, it doesn’t matter, because if you enjoy popping along to a good cinema and catching a good movie, then there’s nowhere better to do so than in London Town. Why so? Well, not only is a darkened cinema auditorium somewhere you can disappear into and fully immerse yourself into the movie that plays on the giant screen around you, you’ll also find that London is home to a vast array of all different kinds of cinema house – and many of them terrific, at that, and very easy to reach from the likes of Park Grand London Kensington.

From major multiplexes (some of them in the West End entertainment hub that’s Leicester Square) to independent art house picture houses, these cinemas are some of the most famous and best respected on the planet. A trio of them that are especially regarded are:

  • Odeon Leicester Square – perhaps the most famous and legendary cinema in the capital, the Odeon Leicester Square’s particularly recognisable for its tall tower and all black frontage; it’s the traditional host of many major UK film premieres, including a good number of James Bond movies over the years
  • The Prince Charles Cinema – a sublime cinema that’s particularly popular with young cinephiles for its fun, playful and switched-on slate of popular and cult films and overnight movie marathons
  • The BFI IMAX – located just down the road from Waterloo Station, this unique venue (located on a big roundabout; yes, really) boasts the biggest screen in the country and, thus, makes for an unforgettable movie-going experience.