The Ultimate Christmas Shoppers Guide to Harrods

ParkGrand-Christmas festival

Harrods remains one of the leading lights of London shopping, and heading to this stunning department store at Christmas is extra-special! We’ve compiled this brief guide to tell you everything you need to know before you set of for a festive shopping spree…

Why Harrods?

Christmas is one season which Harrods understands very well, from the special festive departments to the decorations adorning both the interior and exterior of the store. Close to Kensington High Street Shops, the Christmas window displays at Harrods are world famous, and with good reason. With plentiful space and using decorators with a seemingly limitless imagination, each year offers something a little different – and people flock here just to take photos of the displays. Within easy reach of your base at our Park Grand hotels, Harrods is well worth the trip during your stay in the city.

A Brief History of Harrods

There are few department stores which have the same unique appeal as Harrods. As a famed tourist attraction as well as a noted luxury shopping destination, it attracts millions of visitors every year, including both those there to browse and see the sights, and shoppers ready to grab the very latest fashions, technology and much more.

Built in 1849, the store was originally designed for just one room, selling tea and other grocery items. To say it has developed since then would be an understatement! One of the first things you’ll notice at Harrods is the sheer scale of the place. It’s the largest department store in Europe, with seven floors, 330 departments and 90,000 square metres of space.

Today, the brand is about much more than just the store itself – there’s also an aviation wing, a bank, and a luxury estate agency, all working under the Harrods banner.

Harrods Highlights

You can easily spend a whole day exploring all Harrods has to offer, but it’s understandable that 330 departments can seem a bit much! If you are lacking time, then a trip to the Superbrands department provides a quick edit of some of the major designers stocked here, including a combination of both international and UK-based brands.

Ideal for a visit after enjoying an Indian afternoon tea at Park Grand hotels, you can also take a trip to the Salon du Parfums, which features some of the world’s most exclusive fragrances.

If you’re seeking gifts for children, the Toy Department is an absolute must, with a plethora of in-demand items which are often stocked solely by Harrods. The store itself is a thing of beauty, with themed departments which all have their own unique personality. From the Egyptian escalators to the gold-adorned clothing departments, there are few stores with such an impressive pedigree, and even fewer with such a clear grasp of showmanship.

Christmas Events

Each year, Harrods creates a stunning Christmas Grotto area in-store. This traditional event is accompanied by a range of festive events throughout December. Be sure to check the official website to look out for things happening in-store as the Christmas season gets into full-swing.