The Ultimate guide to smart casuals

Casual Clothes

It’s a question that most have asked themselves before a job interview or attending an event with work. What does the smart casual dress code actually entail and how can you really nail the look?

To do it right you need to choose clothing that is in between smart and casual so it’s important that every item you select is carefully considered.

If you’re staying at the Park Grand London Kensington on business and need to ensure that your outfit is smart casual, read this definitive guide to getting it right.

Essential items

When it comes to nailing smart casual, it’s key to think about every item in isolation and then consider how the pieces will work when put together. Trainers are an essential piece of footwear for getting this look right, but you need to be sure that they are clean as a whistle. Scuffs and stains simply won’t do for a put together smart casual look, so be sure to wipe your trainers before you wear them. White trainers work particularly well and look great worn with other muted shades like greys and navy. If you’d prefer to wear a proper shoe, brogues are a fairly safe option.

For your top half, keep it simple and opt for great shirts and t-shirts in neutral shades. While prints can work well and add an element of excitement to outfits, simple colours keep the look clean and modern. With your shirts and t-shirt choices pay close attention to the fit. Don’t opt for anything overly tight which will look sporty, or too loose that runs the risk of appearing scruffy. Choose a blazer in black or navy to complete the look. Your room at the Park Grand Kensington Hotel is the perfect place to get ready for business or social events.


Next, you’ll need to consider what you will wear on the bottom half. Tailored trousers or chinos are an easy option that will look smart, but don’t be afraid to wear your best jeans either. A good pair of jeans is the cornerstone of any wardrobe and when worn well, can easily complement a smart casual look, perfect for informal business meetings at one of our 4 star hotels in Kensington London.

Top tips

  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize your look. A wristwatch, eye-catching pair of socks or even a trendy leather tote bag will all complement your look and win you some serious style points.
  • Avoid obviously branded items. This is distracting and will take away from the clean-cut look that you are trying to channel.
  • Be playful with colour. While neutral palettes certainly do work best for smart casual style, there’s nothing wrong with adding flashes of colour to help elevate your look. Get inventive by choosing bright socks, a patterned pocket square or even a standout wallet, all of which will give a stylish edge to your smart casual outfit.