Unveiling London’s Bloomsbury Festival 2023


Planning your London holiday in October, this year? Well, then you should know that London’s Bloomsbury Festival 2023 is just around the corner. An annual celebration capturing the diversity of the brightest minds in Bloomsbury’s bustling streets! Head start your adventure by booking an extravagant stay at the Park Grand London Kensington and witness the perfect blend of contemporary arts, music, performance, theatre, science displays, talks, walks and community events at this year’s Bloomsbury Festival!

The Bloomsbury Festival 2023 will run from 14 to 21 October, and the theme is ‘Grow’. The theme is inspired by the many ways in which Bloomsbury is where new ideas flourish, as well as by the vibrant festival’s commitment to encouraging new and emerging talent. Here are a few of the must-see events at the Bloomsbury Festival 2023:

The Street Food & Flower Market

The Street Food & Flower Market on Store Street, minutes away from your hotel near Gloucester Road Tube Station is an engaging outdoor event with pop-up performances to celebrate the start of the Bloomsbury Festival 2023. The food and flower market will open from midday with a variety of street food stalls from around the world, as well as busking, local dance groups, and performers. In the afternoon, there will be several family-friendly activities from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Also, there will be a procession of local communities with beautiful silk banners, as well as pop-up talks and a flower photograph exhibition.

Science Discovery

The Bloomsbury Festival 2023 Science Discovery is a three-day event, perfect for families to attend, featuring an exciting mix of science, innovation, and creativity.

  • Drone’s eye view: Take a seat and experience take-off, hover, and landing through VR headsets using real drone footage.
  • Art, learning and memory: Learn about the latest research on art, learning, and memory at this interactive exhibit from UCL.
  • Medicines from plant origins to landfills: Learn about medicinal plants, as experts show you how to “grow” medicines using 3D printing as one method to make them more sustainable.
  • The research tree: What springs to mind when you think ‘research’? Write your thoughts onto leaves and hang these on a research tree as a step towards better health & social care research.
  • Making virtual communication more human: Experience first-hand new technology that uses the sense of touch for virtual interactions, bringing families and friends from all over the world closer.

Peter Pan Family Adventure Walk

Join in for a super fun and adventurous guided walk through the scenic gardens of Bloomsbury, moments away from your luxe hotel near Earls Court. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the beloved Disney film, Peter Pan, children under the age of ten will get to complete an exciting, themed challenge or game in each garden. Along the way, you’ll hear stories about pirates, discover a secret statue, play along with the kids, have a good time, and maybe even see a fairy!

With so much to do and experience at the Bloomsbury Festival 2023, plan your London holiday with an exquisite stay at a hotel near Hogarth Road and enjoy the best of Bloomsbury adventures to look back at and smile!