Must See Sights from Kensington to Westminster

The Hyde park

The tube might be the preferred way to get around London but while it’s convenient, you miss out on all the sights and top attraction stops. If you’ve got the time to spare walking from one district of the capital to another can unearth some incredible places that you’ll want to visit.

Strolling from your room at the Kensington Park Hotel London to the borough of Westminster takes less than an hour but the distracting sights will mean it can take far longer. If some of the must-see attractions on the route are on your list, why not try the overground option instead? Here are just seven of the many sights you can see on your way.

  1. Hyde Park

Take a direct route between the two spots, starting at the hotels in Kensington, and you’ll walk down the length of the famous Hyde Park. As the largest of the Royal Parks in the area, Hyde Park is typically filled with both locals and tourists and hosts numerous events throughout the year. It’ll take you away from the hustle and bustle of London life and back to nature as you stroll through.

    1. Royal Albert Hall

Located just on the edge of Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall is an easy stop to make. The famous concert hall is worth a visit even if you just want to gaze at the architecture and the Kensington Gardens close by. However, with close to 400 shows being held in the main auditorium every year, hundreds more in non-auditorium spaces, and tours on offer, you should step inside too.

    1. Victoria and Albert Museum

Head a different route cutting through streets, and you’ll hit the Victoria and Albert Museum in less than 20 minutes when you start at the Kensington Park Hotel London. The V&A is the world’s leading museum of art and design with many delights to be uncovered. If museums are what you’re after, it’s also situated very close to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

    1. Harrods

The shopping on offer in the capital is one of the biggest draws and there’s no other destination more well known than Harrods. It’s just a short walk from Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall, and the V&A Museum, so you won’t have to worry about going off course when you need a shopping thrill. The huge department store has almost everything you can think of; the food halls are a must visit.

  1. Saatchi Gallery

If you’re a lover of art, the Saatchi Gallery is the perfect place to visit as you walk over to Westminster. It’s filled with contemporary art to marvel at and since opening in 1985 it’s influence British art. Known to show off pieces that have caused a stir, the Saatchi Gallery will give you plenty of things to think about as you make your way to Westminster.

    1. Westminster Cathedral

You can’t stroll to Westminster without making a stop of the impressive cathedral. It’s the mother church of the Catholic Church in the country and has been described as a masterpiece in architectural design thanks to its towers, domes, and balconies. Inside you can also find awe inspiring mosaics that were installed during the beginning of the 20th century

    1. Buckingham Palace

Take just a ten-minute walk from the cathedral, and you’ll arrive at one of the most iconic sights of London – Buckingham Palace. How to the UK’s sovereigns since 1837m the beautiful building still attracts tourists today. On selected dates, it’s possible to explore the State Rooms and the Changing the Guard is a definite must see during your visit.