5 Reasons to Take the Kids on A Trip to The London Wetland Centre


Despite being one of the busiest urban cities in the world, London is surrounded by some of the most beautiful greeneries to be found anywhere in the country. The London Wetland Centre, in particular, is a must-see for nature lovers and kids.

During your next family trip to the Park Grand Kensington Hotel, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to explore the beautiful London Wetland Centre. If you’ve never been before, it’s a great opportunity to get outside and help the kids learn more about nature. Here’s a look at why you should visit:

Good exercise

Whatever places you decide to visit while staying at our hotels near Hogarth Road, it’s always good to get outside and stay active. Particularly in the summer months, London has a lot to offer outdoors. The London Wetland Centre is a huge section of land that is perfect for an afternoon walk in the sun. You and the kids can explore the area and find your way through expansive woods and fields.


The London Wetland Centre is a nature reserve devoted to protecting local wildlife and providing a home to all kinds of different animals. In addition to exploring the beautiful scenery, you and the kids will also get a chance to learn more about nature and the ecosystems found in and around London. Teach your little ones all about how birds migrate during the winter and watch their eyes light up as they see all of the otters swimming across the water.


The animals

One of the main reasons that so many tourists visit the London Wetland Centre is to see all of the incredible creatures and furry critters you can find roaming around. If your kids love animals, there’s no place better to see so many creatures in their natural habitat. As you explore, you’ll hear the chirping of all kinds of different birds and the rustling of leaves as squirrels run across the ground. The lakes and waterways dotted around the reserve are also home to an abundance of animals.

Group visits

Whether you’re planning a family getaway to London or you’re trying to figure out how to surprise your little one on their birthday, the Wetland Centre is the perfect place to spend a day out. The centre offers group package deals which allow you to bring the whole gang along with you while saving a little extra money. It would make for a great day out for your kids and their friends.

Special events

The London Wetland Centre offers more than just a place to explore and see all kinds of incredible animals. There are also a number of events happening throughout the year that allow you and the kids to earn even more about the area. Birdwatching days and educational hikes are just some of the fun activities you and the whole family can take part in.