The top 4 apps to make your next London business trip a breeze


London is a top destination for business travellers, and thanks to the wonders of modern tech, more and more of us are able to make the most of our journey and find new ways to work, get around and organise our work flow without needing to be bound to one central location. The following apps have all been developed to help provide new ways of approaching the world of work and can make your next business trip to the capital a breeze…


Particularly great for freelancers who find themselves in the city, the Workfrom app provides information on trusted places to work. It gives recommendations crowdsourced from others seeking coworking spaces, restaurants and hotels where they can make use of fast WiFi and an atmosphere conducive with getting their work done in peace. The app is trusted by millions worldwide and works not only for freelance professionals, but for everyone from entrepreneurs to executives embracing new ways of working in the 21st century. After a busy day of remote work, you can head back to the welcoming Park Grand Restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal in great surroundings.

London Pass

The London Pass app is your complete all-in-one sightseeing pass, used by more than three million visitors to the city. For a time-strapped business traveller, there is no better way to ensure you save yourself both time and money. The app is recommended by 94% of users and is great for getting around and seeing the sights without worry. Each pass also comes with a free London guidebook, so you’ll be able to not only navigate public transport with ease – but make the most of your downtime as well.


City Map

Available in a number of big European cities, the CityMapper app is perfect for providing accurate and fast routes wherever you need to be – ensuring business travellers are able to maximise their timekeeping. The new CityMapper Smart ride function has launched in London, helping you to get around without enduring packed public transport! For anyone who has ever struggled with London’s bus system, the app will be more than welcome during their stay at the Park Grand Hotel. The app helps to identify gaps in transport networks and offers alternative routes in real time across the London transport network.

Google Drive

Where would regular business travellers be without Google Drive? Whether you’re in need of some extra external storage or need to be able to edit in real-time, this is the simplest and best way to do so, no matter where work takes you. The wonderful Google Drive can be trusted to help alleviate some of the burden on professional’s inboxes and ensure the easy sending and receiving of files, presentations and other vital information essential to great teamwork across different locations. The ability to quickly and easily change your documents means you’ll be able to update as you go along – another fantastic perk for business travellers.